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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Nigerians react as Buhari signs White House register

Lmao! No kidding, Heaven knows that even I was scared! Because you never know what this man can do and undo. Afterwards Baba will say...

That time a baby stared at me throughout the church service

An amusing story In church, during service, the person seated in front of you is a woman with her baby. The baby decides to stand...

5 signs you are in a Nigerian hospital

Nigerians typically do not like going to the hospital (why go when a quick trip to the mallam for Panadol will fix the issue?)...

7 ways to get the best out of your generator

I was sitting at home, enjoying Game of Thrones on my laptop when those PHCN people struck again. Ayam tayad. Not just because I...

Alcohol is sweeter than working out. Man facts by James Famo

Do not listen to the people who tell lies about endorphins and feel-good hormones being released in the gym. This was not our writer's...

Funny, Bizarre, and Downright Mental: Nigerian Church Banners

I won't even try to imagine what happens in the minds of the pastors or their graphic designers. I'm just going to lay this...

A pastor, his fellowship and the prostitute he tried to stiff

A wanton pastor During a fellowship in Pastor's house, where Pastor could be heard emotionally leading a worship song, a woman angrily banged on the...

Strange Tales from Whatsapp: Naija Transformers

So some days ago eh, I got a rather short voice message from someone (I won't mention who) now the message was narrated by a woman...

When you want to buy condoms discreetly but the devil wont...

Laugh out Loud It's like you have to bump into someone who knows you quite well whenever you are buying condoms. Someone way older than...

Me, my neighbour and a 100 shillings: A hilarious story

A funny story I see a 100 shillings note lying at a neighbour's doorstep. The door is ajar, but there is a curtain. We put...