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The night I wreaked holy vengeance on a “rat”

Funny story I was awake in bed plotting evil and wickedness when I saw something dark on the floor. In the semi-darkness, and from the...

Funny, Bizarre, and Downright Mental: Nigerian Church Banners

I won't even try to imagine what happens in the minds of the pastors or their graphic designers. I'm just going to lay this...

Some Xmas Laughter: 6 Hilarious Father Christmas Memes

It's that season again! Christmas is here! We at Viva Naija are all in that Christmas Spirit and we decided to share some cheer...

LOL-age! The Future of Saggin’ Your Trousers

All you "Hey yo, hey yo!" boys. Keep saggin' your pants o, you hear. This is how the matter will end eventually. :lol: :lol: :lol: https://www.facebook.com/IamPunarnaviBhupalam/videos/917514834976247/?pnref=story

Bovi Caught Out in Hilarious New Skit ‘The Innocent Husband’

You know what, I am unable to can when it comes to Bovi! As in...#iCan't In his latest skit with Ogun Baba AKA Akpobome Ogude,...