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Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Pope Francis Says Marriage Is Not By Force Again oooo, ehen!

In a ground-breaking move today, the bestest Pope ever made moves to streamline and hasten the steps Catholics need to go through in order...

Toyin Aimakhu’s Husband Issues An Apology and Defends Her on Instagram

Firstly, WHY do people be bringing their public issues on social media? I know this has been asked a gazillion times, but I'll ask...

VN Forum: What Do You Do When Three’s A Crowd?

Your partner's best friend is a member of the opposite sex. They grew up on the same street and have been friends from kindergarten....

My Name Is Victor C. Ibeh and I am a Feminist.

I am a man and I am a feminist.

Is This What A Real African Wife Is Like?

Someone sent me this video. It's hilarious, true, but I can't work out if it's meant to be satire or these are the virtues...

The #AshleyMadisonHack and 4 Reasons Why Naija Men Ain’t Scurred

Ashley Madison subscribers' list exposed. Nigerian men over here like "What's my own?" #Unconcerned.

The ‘Prenup Chat’ – Part One

When it comes to matrimony, nothing should be left to the imagination. It is very dicey to assume that you know, when you don't....

She Doesn’t Enjoy Sex With Me – Adult Conversations with Onifome

I am 27 years old, in a relationship with a 29 year old lady for about five years now...she doesn't enjoy sex at all

Marriage Is Not A Death Sentence by Bucky Hassan

I read yet another story of a woman killed by an abusive husband in Nigeria, and I am saddened yet fuming. What kind of...

Marriage Is Not An Achievement; Ladies, Find A Purpose Instead

Don't just concentrate on marriage; you're already a prize. Don't buy love, don't be desperate for the ring. Pursue your dreams and the right man will come.