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A few thoughts on Marriage

1. Marriage benefits men more than it benefits women. 2. There are slightly more males in Nigeria than females. There are slightly more males on...

Codeine Ban: Lagos Unveils New Strategy To Address Mental Health

It is a relief, knowing that the Government isn't just resting at banning Codeine, thinking that is the first and only step of their...

A Subverted Self-worth & Societal Expectations: Woman, thou art loosed!

Sometime towards the end of last year, a video showing a Nigerian lady turning down her boyfriend's public marriage proposal at a mall went...

The secret place of a man

Effective Communication The secret place of a man is not a physical location. It is an emotional cocoon in the deep recesses of his mind....

There are actually more men than women in the world

Busting modern day myths What I don’t understand is how a few Nigerians pick on a moronic fallacy, and peddle it continuously. Even when you...

Men are not the problem

I got talking with a lady on my upcoming leadership and free skills acquisition program for young ladies, R.E.D. for Girls and she asked...

What goes around comes around

What goes around comes around Nigerian married women will be crying that their husbands are cheating on them... “All men cheat” and all, but I...

How can two walk together except they agree?

Relationships If you want to settle down in the next 5 years and she wants to settle down in the next six months Please don't waste...

Do not let your penis lead you

wisdom for self control Dear men, do not let your penis lead you. It has no mind of its own and thus cannot reason, plan...

Poverty is not a virtue

Each time I say "I will NOT marry a poor man", there are always these sets of people who either come at me with...