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Apocalyptic Dust Storm & Thunder Showers Kill 77 People, Leaving 143...

People in certain parts of northern India woke up to a violent weather that uprooted trees, electric poles, and homes, leaving 77 people dead...

Killings: Nigeria is experiencing ethic cleansing, says Wole Soyinka

A lot of people have spoken on the Benue Killings, stating their facts, expressing sadness, and whispering solutions. The Diety of English himself, Wole Soyinka,...

The art of properly raising money for charity – Melissa Emmanuel

Raising money for charity requires more than just compassion. There has to be accountability and transparency to get it right.

Linda Ikeji, how did your milk of human kindness dry up?

I have waited patiently for hours, day, hoping earnestly that Linda Ikeji would come up with an excuse. Something like the usual "my site...