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In Christianity, there is no prize for spectators

I dislike watching the game of football. Truly, I do. But this doesn't mean I am against sports. I simply dislike the fact that...

God Exists, No Questions Asked – But I Hate Church

As far back as I can remember, I always had this sickening apprehension about Sundays. Daddy would wake us all quite early, it was...

Christianity and the Nigerian: What does Church mean to me?

What does Church mean to me? Is it a building? A place you are meant to get all dressed up to the nines every Sunday? My...

Christian: What does it mean?

It’s almost like some people have made a joke of the true essence of living. It’s almost like folks are now professional comedians using...

Christian Nurse Sacked For Preaching to NHS Patients: The Difference Between...

It is the same illness that plagues the preachers on the bus; the people who condemn you to hell and back at 5am in the morning with their infernal megaphones; the Muslims who will behead you without a second's thought because you have a problem with them doing their ablutions in front of your shop.

BREAKING: Potent drug launched; works against mental illness, mouth odour…

The BBC Focus on Africa program today announced key discoveries coming out of the largest black nation on earth, Nigeria. In recent memory, the nation has...