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Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Buhari to inaugurate Nigeria’s first seven-star hotel

It's sad.. So sad that of all the things going on in Nigeria, this is our President’s second utmost priority right now, with the...

Life is for the living: 7 outstanding lessons you can learn...

It was a bleak morning some time in 2016, and one of my aunties had passed. My father had called to break the sad...

Lessons for life from life

Life lessons Life has taught me a few things. I'm gonna share because it could help someone else out there: 1. Don't think the person who...

Addiction is never the answer

Avoid the use of drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex or anything else to help you get through difficult times. Trust me, I've been there in...

Find the Gain in the Pain

Find the gain in the pain For many years, I had a phobia for swimming. I could barely wade my feet in a pool without...

On PAIN – come, let’s talk

I wouldn’t choose it if I had a choice. You probably wouldn’t too. Not because it offended us in any way, but simply because it takes...

To the hilt, To the bone

I will spend myself to see you smile To see you laugh as you walk the mile To see you believe once more To live the dreams...

Never undermine anyone’s pain

As much as we should be thankful for the things that we have, methinks it's not fair to tell someone that they should stop...