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Ain’t No Party Like a TAWA Christmas Party!

Lemme tell you something about the revellers and amazing people who attend TAWA: they will NEVER miss a TAWA Christmas Party! That’s because the...

TAWA Chillout: Nigerian Independence Day and Birthday Special

I’ve always held the impression that the ties that bind us together as Nigerians are stronger than our differences. Regardless what the sudden influx...

When the TAWA Chillout took Tereza Joanne on her virgin voyage!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today’s lesson is titled: despise ye not the days of humble beginnings! Many of you might not be...

We may be bad but we’re perfectly good at it –...

It had been too long since the last TAWA Chillout and the anticipation was clear as soon as the guests started walking into the...

TAWA Chillout Pulls Off A Cracker Of A Christmas Party!

It would seem that the news of our lack of home training precedes us. We were being ID-ed at the door to attend the TAWA Chillout Christmas Edition! But we were ready to make it do what it do, and boy, did we have fun!!

Pictures from the TAWA Chillout September 2016 Edition [ALBUM LOOK BOOK]

It goes without saying that a lot of fun was had at the last TAWA Chillout. We had birthdays, raffles, laughter, dancing, more laughter...

Happiness is friends, fundraising and fun at the TAWA Chillout

You must be living under a rock if, by now, you do not know that I loves me some TAWA Chillout. Who in their...

The complete album – TAWA Chillout, Sunday July 31st, 2016

The full album of the TAWA Chillout, July 2016 edition. From Weird MC to Bola 'The Genius' Sonola to DJ Abass, the Chillout was a blast!

Art & Heart: Patrick Adefisayo offers proceeds to charity

The wealth of talent, particularly creative talent, in Nigeria is substantial. The more we dig, the more we uncover talent – most of it...

TAWA: Chill Out with New & Old Friends at Mama Jumbe’s...

If you do not know the fabulous Ayo Sonoiki, then it's time you got with the programme! She is a renowned MC, public speaker,...