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We are One

I was in a bus in the evening of yesterday. Sitting close to me was an Hausa, Fulani or Niger guy that I suspected...

Take your film village to the Yoruba Pagans who want it...

Common Kano film village o! That's what is bringing all this casting and binding o! Kai, the thing religion will do us in this...

In this time of turmoil and violence, remember #NigerianLivesShouldMatter too

While commiserating with blacks in America who at best live 'half a life', with high possibility of being shot dead by white cops for...

Hate and Murder: How society sanctions prejudice

From 1885, southern US states dominated by whites passed series of new constitutions, electoral laws, segregation and Jim Crow statutes, to enforce prejudice and...

House-hunting in Nigeria: how prejudice and tribalism hurts us all

A most trying situation has been brought to our attention and it further proves just how deep tribalism, prejudice and hatred have eaten deeply into the fabric...