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Nike And Adidas Urge Trump To End Trade War

Some of the world's biggest footwear firms are urging Donald Trump to end the US trade war with China, warning of a "catastrophic" effect...

Lawmaker Punches Wife For Undressing Slowly.

A US lawmaker has been accused of domestic violence for punching his wife in the face because she was taking too long to undress for...

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s Son and Long-term President Dies at 90

I have said this phrase before and I will say it again: the United States of America is a locust. She eats of the fat of your land and then she spits you out; declaring YOU the enemy. She will never EVER bring a deal that will be beneficial to you. There is no country better off for having entered an arrangement or agreement with the USA. She is a locust.

Lafayette Cinema Shooting: Gunman Named As John Russell Houser, 59

The gunman in the article we published initially about the traffic shooting in Louisiana has been named as 59 year old John Russell Houser....

Louisiana Shooting: Lafayette Cinema Gunman Kills Two

Sigh. So many crazies roaming the streets. According to the BBC, a gunman has opened fire at a cinema in the US state of Louisiana,...