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Chimamanda Adichie tells how she was sexually molested at 17

And these are part of the few coming out with their experiences of being molested by psychotic patients walking around in disguise of men....

On some days, things will just not work

Wisdom for living Life is "funny". There was something I wanted to do last year around this time and it was not wise at all. At...

Life is for the living: 7 outstanding lessons you can learn...

It was a bleak morning some time in 2016, and one of my aunties had passed. My father had called to break the sad...

Lessons for life from life

Life lessons Life has taught me a few things. I'm gonna share because it could help someone else out there: 1. Don't think the person who...

Dear screenshot generation, let wisdom and loyalty guide you

Wisdom for your day Recently I found myself pleading the case of someone who barely knows me to keep his job. His employer who had...

Do not let your penis lead you

wisdom for self control Dear men, do not let your penis lead you. It has no mind of its own and thus cannot reason, plan...

Healthy before Sexy: why you should not shortchange your health

Your health should be your number one priority Sooooooo a few months back having been intimidated out of my skull by two of my Facebook friends (their collective muscle mass can...

Wait till you’re married

This is one statement that I don’t find amusing,  but I also find it empty,  especially when it comes from a supposed married adult...