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Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Olamide on a roll, releases hot new single “Owo Shayo”

After the release of 'Wo' & 'Science Student', a few months later, with no warning whatsoever, Olamide drops a hot new release titled "Owo...

Osha pra pra! Olamide Bariga Boo is bigger, badder, better as...

I don't understand o. How many times must I say that I love Olamide? How often must I make it clear that on this...

Olamide finally responds to criticism on ‘Science Student’

Osha pra pra for life! You people will just be doubting my Bariga Boo anyhow! OF COURSE Olamide, aka "Raysheh's darling husband" is against any...

Olamide ready to release 7th studio album – Lagos Nawa!

Olamide temi nikan soso!!! Y'all keep hatin' while my Bariga Boo stays's stacking! What do y'all know about SEVEN studio albums? What?? Nothing, that's...

Olamide music video disrupts G.O’s protest rally!

(At the protest ground) Leader (asking his deputy):But where are these youths na? No be 8am we suppose assemble and start the march by 9am? Deputy:...

Adekunle Gold – My Life: A Triumph of The Yoruba Sound

Adekunle Gold - My Life: when a song starts with a flurry of talking drums, bata, and aso oke, I know that I'm in...

Owo Blow – My Bariga Boo aka the Lyrical Genius Olamide...

My love affair with Olamide has been dogged over the years by people willing me to do better. They come for me over the...

Olamide & YBNL concert at The Apollo, London 9th Oct!!!

Eyin omo wobe! Eyin temi Abule Sowo!! Strap on your seat belts as Olamide prepares to bring the heat to the UK and fire...

Phyno is back and I’m in love afresh with Fada Fada!

When a song turns your brain inside out and you start dancing out in public like your village people are calling you? That's this song right here! Fada Fada(Ghetto Gospel) by Phyno ft. Olamide aka Bariga Boo.

Video Premiere: Ready by Adekunle Gold [WATCH]

Adekunle Gold just can't do no wrong in our eyes at the moment. From his down-to-earth lyrics to his penchant for native attire and...