Take your film village to the Yoruba Pagans who want it – Sheikh Abdallah Usman Gadan Kanya (Kano extremist preacher)

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Common Kano film village o! That’s what is bringing all this casting and binding o! Kai, the thing religion will do us in this country ehn?? Jehovah, Allah, Sango and Amadioha altogether no go fit solve am.

A hate-filled, tribalistic, extremist preacher by the name of Sheikh Abdallah Usman Gadan Kanya spontaneously started his periods when he heard of plans to build a film village in Kofa, Kano State.

Well, the plans have been scrapped. Buhari has directed that it be terminated to appease the hard lined clerics like this one and many others, but really!  Must everything degenerate into a Hausa-Yoruba-Igbo kerfuffle?!

Kayode Ogundamisi, a renowned commentator on Nigerian and international affairs, and a friend of chez Viva Naija, covered the unnecessary and hate-filled rant.

“We have details of a plot in our state of Kano. There is a plan to establish a film village in Kofa, Bebeji local government area of Kano State. There is going to be massive preachings against it and lectures by Islamic clerics considering the danger coming with this. So the first benefit Muslims in Kano and Nigeria will get is the establishment of a national or international film village? In which from all parts of the world, people will be coming to Kofa to do film or drama. A southerner will come and do film in Kofa; a northerner will come and do film in Kofa. American will come and do film in Kofa, Indian will come and do a film in Kofa and Britons will come and do the same thing in Kofa. To come and practice immorality and destroy our values.

They have earmarked billions of naira for the project that will stretch over an eight-kilometer complex…We are calling on all our writers to start writing against it. Southerners want the film village in their place, but they refused to take it there because they know there are Muslims in Kano, and they want to destroy our religion and values.

Some Yoruba who are pagans want it, but they refused and insisted that it is in Kano State that they will establish it. We heard that it is one lawmaker that is bringing this calamity to us from Federal Government. Another mischief is that they have put the picture of the President and calling the place Muhammadu Buhari Film Village because they know people love Buhari and are supporting him. But Buhari is not Allah, and he is not [the] Prophet. Even if it is Buhari that did wrong we will confront him squarely. Even if it is Buhari that brings this we will fight it; it is wrong.

Tell them, write it and propagate it through all the means. We don’t want it; we don’t need it. They should take it somewhere. We will continue to curse people behind this film village. You should campaign against it in WhatsApp, Facebook. If they insist, we have hot spiritual prayers that will bring curse and affliction to anyone. Very hot prayers that will cause blindness and make those involved deaf completely.”

I’m tired of my people. It’s just like…to die and to kill dey hungry soooo many people!

Social Media Reactions

There have been mixed reactions (mostly negative) to the feelings of the clerics, and as always, Twitter is the way to go! (PHOTOS COURTESY NIGER DAILY EYE)

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Everything is just smelling jare. Build it. Don’t build it. Na una know. Who blood bath don epp?


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  1. The man sat on the floor there talking gibberish and waiting for the pagan southerners to pay VAT and other taxes from the enterprises in the south which will be shared to the north as monthly allocation.

  2. shame on these so called Religious extremist. they preach hate against anything they dont like. let me ask. how did they become religious leader? who schooled them? what did they study? which institution did they study from? what is the content of there sermon? Until we find answers to these and other questions we will not find peace with these set of clerics. They can be found in both religion.

  3. But the majority of actors and actresses are Yorubas and Igbos why not built it in one of the two states instead of Kano and how many Nigerians movies is acted in Kano . Wrong investment without the interest of the people but with selfish and ethnic sentiment.

    • That’s a question u should throw to Buhari. Why not transfer d location. Why cancel the entire project because Hausa mullahs don’t agree with it?I wonder if nepotism and tribalism is no longer corruption!

  4. Again, we see an expression of medieval intolerant orientation which has kept the northern in the dark. Film business is legal and any Nigerian should be free to operate his/her business any part of Nigeria within the limit of the laws.

  5. Film business is legitimate the last time I checked. But these set of people in the north have openly rejected the location of this entertaining, educative, and informative, and lucrative sector of our economy. They are telling investors where and where not to invest in this country. Is a pity and we have been vindicated of the fact that religious leaders up there preaches hatred for anything or anybody that does not share the beliefs. These same people want the southerners to give out their land for grazing of their cattle without seeing anything wrong with that. Stoking religious and ethnic crisis on daily basis. Is very unfortunate. Tor, they should come to my state, even in my local government. We want development, we want more and more of civilization.

  6. Well planned out… Una uncle already knew all these and has no plan to build any film village. What a strategy to push it aside. Why Kano in the first place knowing other states will jump for joy over such development. Arant nonsense!

  7. Why blaming him, they don’t any thing that will make their people free because they knew that immediately more people start to have knowledge the more they became valueless. They are the highest Hippocrates.

  8. Why all the venoms? The people said they don’t want and govt in its wisdom accepted their rejection. So whosoever feels his or her community need the village let him or go and plead to the concerned and site it there.

    • Is it not taxpayers money that Buhari will employ in building d film village?Why won’t he be wise enough to relocate it to the south where its needed?Is it only Kannywood that needs this kind of infrastructure? Why is d president cancelling d entire project because his kinsmen abhor it?This is classical nepotism and tribalism to me!

    • Personal opinions are like outlooks everybody has his. That is yours and I don’t give a damn. Theirs they don’t want it period it can be taken to anywhere. But it is only for Nigerians for people who have their own republic. It is hypocritical for someone to claim his own republic yet expect something from ‘zoo’

    • @Umar,if majority u guys from d north keep this arrogant and parochial tendencies Nigeria will continue to be a zoo and d inhabitants will certainly break out into freedom and there’s nothing u can do about it.When that time comes and I hope it’s soon,if u make any attempt to stop it,d fire of change and freedom will consume u!

    • If truly d man referred to Yoruba as pagans, I ‘ll only ask him why maybe bcos we Yoruba Muslims didn’t engage in barbaric acts like slaughtering people like sallah rams or burning churches. Almighty Allah protect and fight for us in Yoruba land and not the other way round. Hausa|fulani use religion to keep their people in perpetual bondage and it has started backfiring

  9. I don’t blame the man @ all, he has made the thoughts of his people clear to all… the person I blame is the muron that has decided to take such lucrative biz to an extremist end, the same way they did with NFI by taking it to Jos, when obviously lagos, southwest or eastern state would have been better with such institution, that’s how the murons moved super eagles qualifiers to north, since national football support has dropped, here in those days in lagos national stadium super eagles gets good support n moral for playing n winning, Nonsense mtcheeeew….

  10. In short, I won’t be surprised, if Naija Head naval base is in. North, if Petroleum training institute moves to the north, if naija sea port authority self moves to north, … every region has its own specialty give them the resources accordingly, not giving Bra to a man n giving singlet to the woman system.

  11. Bring the film village to the east, they have better uses for it. Alternatively build it in all the zones. The Federal government want every thing of importance to be sited in the north even when it goes against their religions believes.

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