The business of family: P-Square and brother Jude Okoye get into it on social media

P-Square and Brother Jude Okoye -Feature

When I spent all those uncountable hours on the sofa in my onesie watching reruns of Judge Judy, you people called me a slob and a jobless someborri. I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations, but at least I learnt to never buy a used car from anywhere other than a car lot, never trust anybody named Billy Bob, and to NEVER do business with family unless everything is written down in black and white. I bet P-Square wish they had watched all those episodes too now.

The brothers are having a very public lovers’ tiff. I can never tell who is who, so for the sake of telling the story, let’s call one of them Usher and the other Dreaded. The third we shall just refer to as Jude because that’s his name. Oh, you want a nickname for him too? Okay, Oga Manager.

P-Square and Brother Jude Okoye -1

Usher is done with Jude. Usher thinks P-Square needs new management that is not authoritarian but is interested in the progress of the duo. Usher does not like the fact that Jude thinks that as long as there is P-Square,then he, Jude will continue to be the manager.

Dreaded didn’t speak on this since morning. He let Usher get all his beef off his chest and then put up an Instagram post making it clear that he believes family is key and that Oga Manager will continue to be…uummm…Oga Manager. He couldn’t have made this clearer by putting up a picture of himself and Jude next toa recording studio, cutting Usher out of the picture.

P-Square Family rift P-Square Family rift -2

And Jude? Well, Jude just thinks his younger brother is “going through a lot”. Na this one even pain me pass. E for just talk say Fine Boi Usher head no correct. Chei, see big word.

You can read all of the sordid tweets, twaddle and tea from Zikoko’s website here if you would like.

My point is though – family business seldom works. There is infighting, there is difference of opinions, there are things you could tell an employee but cannot say to your older brother or to your mum. And the more money involved, the more complicated it gets.

This is why you buy an umbrella while the sun is shining. It is too late to buy one by the time the heavens open. While you are all still loving each other, draw up terms that are fair to all parties and sign it as witnesses for each other. Then have a group hug and go for a pizza.

Because I can assure you that by the time the rains come – and they will come – the only thing that will stop complete combustion are the promises you made and signed on.

I really do wish P-Square all the very best. I’ve been loving on them from day one. And like their song title suggests, P-Square – there’s No One Like You

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