Her mind was still foggy.

She couldn’t remember exactly what happened. But she knew it happened.

Walking into the well equipped gym a half hour away from her house, she glanced around for the punching bag she so desperately needed.

She politely ignored the trainer who always flirted with her while helping with her squats, and went to the heavy muscled one she had caught staring at her the last time she was there.

He was the one with the black sturdy bag hanging above his tall, fair frame.

He threw his arm forward then, with a swing so heavy, the bag danced far back.

With all the fear, anger, and frustration she had in her, she hoped she could achieve that punch.

She needed to hit something before she lost her mind.

Was it the weed that caused Ameze to come kiss her?

Was that just an excuse?

Why did she let it?

Why had she liked it??!

Njideka couldn’t think straight. Her mind was still clouded by that kiss. She had opened her eyes for a minute and saw Ameze’s lips descending on hers. In that split second she could have stepped away, or avoided that kiss some other way, but instead, she waited.

Damn it!

With arms held ajar in the air, Njideka punched all that emotion she felt, into it.

The bag barely moved.

Strolling out of the gym minutes later in defeat, sweat of frustration on her body turned cold as the breeze from the open air hit her.

She closed her eyes and settled into peace for that moment.

Two blocks away from where she was standing, Njideka caught sight of a little girl playing with who she assumed was her father. They both laughed at something unfamiliar. He held onto her tight, his face bright from the cheers of appreciation.

He looked up, saw Njideka staring, and flashed her a knowing smile. Njideka smiled back and moved on.

There was no way she was going to be with a woman. She wanted a man with a manhood long enough to go through the milestone of love and thrusts with her.

One, strong enough to raise a family with her.

One, complete to be enough for her.

She didn’t want a woman.

She had to make that clear to Ameze who had been sending sordid text messages to her since that night.

She didn’t want a woman.

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