The Huge Blowback on Blac Chyna’s New Skin Bleaching Cream Venture


Fans are pissed!

ICYMI: Blac Chyna has increased her income by partnering with Dencia, a skin-whitening cream advocate out of Nigeria.

Chyna recently took to her Instagram endorsing Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating & Lightening Cream.” Equipped with a Swarovski-crystal studded jar, the cream is said to increase “moisture for a brighter beautiful comfortable feel.” Available for $250 a pop, the cream “shows less discoloration and unevenness while SPF protection minimizes future damage.”

According to TMZ, Chyna’s been using Whitenicious dark spot corrector for a few years to deal with her hyperpigmentation. She felt this was a good deal for her because a lot of women of color suffer from skin issues. While that may be true, fans are pissed off that she’s endorsing a product that promotes self hate.

Skin-lightening creams aren’t supported in the Black community for many reasons. One in particular dating back decades with the stigma that darker-skin women aren’t as beautiful as lighter-skin sisters.

Chyna disabled her comments, but fans have taken to Twitter to express their outrage.

See below.

why destroy people’s lives because you want to your illegitimate children live a luxurious life?
When skin cancer arises, will you be there to help?
You a black woman from a longtime slavery but you seems to believe you belong just because you fit
You’re black #BlacChyna

— Monsurah 🇳🇬 (@angel_molat) November 20, 2018

I love how #BlacChyna is going to Africa to sell her stupid ass lightening cream. That shit is poison, Africans need to wake up. You don’t look cute walking around looking like a damn leopard. Smfh

— ✨𝕰𝖉𝖒3✨ (@Deeyaloo) November 20, 2018

Preying on people who have already been told their skin isn’t good enough is one of the worst things a person could do. And the fact that #BlacChyna actually disabled her comments, shows damn well she knew what she was doing!

— Farida Said (@faridasaid02) November 20, 2018
Why’s #BlacChyna coming to Lagos to launch and promote her bleaching cream? We’re fighting for self love here and she’s literally spitting on our faces. I’m beyond disgusted at this point

— Sugarcane (@StephanieAlexx1) November 20, 2018

#BlacChyna endorsing a skin bleaching cream called ‘Whitenicious’ is just very sad. Women of every single ethnicity should feel comfortable in their own skin and be proud of who they are. Maybe she’s just doing this for the money and is laughing her way to the bank orrr

— Phoebe Buffay 🦄 (@LeanxMc) November 20, 2018

#BlacChyna to be a “blackwomen” who doesn’t even see the beauty of melanin makes u disgusting AFRICA HAS ENOUGH PROBLEMS WITH SKIN BLEACHING TRY TO UPLIFT THEM FROM THE CHAINS OF WHITE SUPREMACY

— NICKI❤️KORDEI (@astoukane09241) November 20, 2018

I am totally against skin bleaching, but let me say this… 🤔I find it funny how y’all bash #blacchyna for skin bleaching, but y’all are perfectly fine with #Kimkardashian tanning her skin! If that’s the case, BOTH should be frowned upon! PERIOD! 🙅🏽‍♀️

— _lizabethann_ (@ForeverQueenE_) November 20, 2018

We know she’s in the midst of a bitter custody and child support battle against Rob Kardashian, so she needs income. But this may have gotten a little out of hand.

Do y’all think she took it too far with her latest business venture?


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