The Nigerian Senate should be abolished!


Britain is thinking of reforming or abolishing the House of Lords but Nigeria still does not want to come to terms with the fact that the Senate is one of the major financial drains of the country that must be permanently blocked.

We lack basic infrastructure while these efulefus get billions of naira as wardrobe and furniture allowances.
These retrogressive elements prioritise the frequent change of their official vehicles over youth empowerment.

Recession didn’t just fall upon us; apart from the treasury heist carried out by Josatan and his bandits, the financial ruin of Nigeria can also be traced to the intemperate amount of money from our national purse being committed to keeping these enemies of the country alive.

What does the Nigerian Senate contribute to the development of the country?
How else do they benefit their constituencies apart from the occasional bales of ankara fabric and chewing sticks they donate?

When a family run into financial difficulty, the first thing they do is to cut down their expenses while looking for means to increase cash flow.
Nigeria is broke but still spending like when she was buoyant.

The Nigerian Senate is a place where failed business men and women, ex-convicts, bank debtors, politician-retirees and wanted criminals are given one succour or the other at the expense of the country.
It’s high time the Senate is reformed or abolished.

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