The real winners of the Olamide/Don Jazzy/Headies beef are the meme warriors and Naija Twitterati


I prayed at the beginning of this year. I prayed to be allowed to live my life and breathe freely and go about my business and keep my aproko nature to manageable limits. I thought Holy Spirit heard and Nike-ed it.

Olamide and Don Jazzy waylaid Holy Spirit as He was taking my message to Baba God, and now I’m here all broken. I’m struggling to breathe and can’t stop laughing , my sides are aching and it’s all because these two men decide to have a pop at each other.

We all knew this was Twitter beef, nobody’s getting shot five times a la Tupac. Nobody’s moving house from Island to Mainland in support of their favourite producer. Naija musicians want you to dance, not attend funerals, and even if there would be casualties, it’ll be the silly street boys who spend their last N1000 on data and don’t understand that when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers most.

The beef though has led to spectacular tweets and memes – Nigerians are chill deficient, suffering from a severe lack of Vitamin Chill, and have never left their mouths with wash man. They don’t wait for you to buy the market before they give you your change. Only Nigerians will finish insulting you and your self esteem will be in shatters, looking at yourself like:


So, here you go, the best of the beef. I’m sure by the time you see this, they’ll be obsolete as there are fresh insults by the second, but I tried. I really did:

Firstly, I like this apology from Baddosneh. He’s not sorry for what he said, just how he said it. I guess now we really know what an Omo Wobe is! 😆


Like seriously:


I mean…even the government knows at this point:




And people are wondering if they will need visa to travel to the Mainland or the Island now:

But you know some places are more royal than others:

Olamide and his goons came out ready for award tinz:


Olamide went full Kanye. Full Kanye!


Don Jazzy showed himself. Doro Motor!


Instead of DJ to reduce the noise, he was fanning the flames 😆


The matter pain Olamide, no be small. Maybe because:

Olamide is a lyricist and a genius. We had shakiti bobo, sneh, and now #LeaveThrashForLawma



Don Jazzy didn’t answer because the truth was finally dawning on him:


When there is WAR, there is always collateral damage. Di’Ja and Dbanj were not spared in the higi-haga and crinkum crankum:

This thing you people are doing, is it good?? Lolage.


And then…just as I was managing myself, here comes Vic O. Wallahi, Vic O go sweet to konk. He said he’s an international artist. Why is he such a  goat tho’??? 😆 😆 😆

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