The scourge of Igbo traders and their misogynistic ‘touchery’ of female customers


Igbo traders grab prospective clients indiscriminately. This is fact and it should not turn into a tribal tussle.

Grabbing people in the name of trade is not only a menace but should be punished. There is no sense in covering this dirty habit with tribal sentiments. The problem some people have is not whether this thing actually happens or whether contagious diseases could be transferred through such lack of restraint; their problem is that Igbo traders were the ones called out.

As a guy, I have never been dragged by Yoruba or Hausa traders. But you see Igbo boys? They will hold your hand and even start dragging you when you try to get away from them. Is the advert on their shop not enough? The display of wares have not do? Or the people who leave their houses to enter market are total buffoons who cannot decide where to spend on their own? The grip these guys will have on your hand will make you wonder whether it is by force to patronise them.

Now consider when it is a lady having this experience! They will not only grab your arm forcefully but would fondle your breast and butt either by intention or mistake. Anybody would feel embarrassed; it is not out of place to call these men to order. If they are truly innocent, they would ignore this outcry against them.

I am not motivated by tribal sentiments but I have experienced this rubbish enough times to know that the larger population of those involved are Igbo traders. This is probably because of their positive disposition to trade tactics. Sometimes, competition runs high; it would be normal to feel like running after potential customers and dragging them to your stall. But this is where common sense and society should come in. Everyone should condemn the act and leave the rebuttals for another issue.

Let us call a spade what it is, this behaviour is not hygienic and it should be tackled as a menace and not an attack on any tribe. The market is a place most of us cannot avoid, should we not begin our appeal for sanity in the market place? Abi shey a fe maa gbe were wo oja ni? Do you people want madness to kuku enter the market?

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  1. Yr post remnds of the genesis of German persecution of d Jews in nazi Germany, by accusing d Jews of spreading lice, filth n disease in Germany. Then followed selective liquidation thru forced labour in concentration camps n industries etc, n gassing n incinerating dem in gas chambers. But then Jewsc were complacent n cowards. Igbos will not accept these anymore.

  2. And as the general n patriarch predicted, I will see this n maybe keep quiet, but my children will c it, n will react. Contemporary Igbos r irrepressible n easily irritated n angry wen abused

  3. It’s true even when u do not want to buy any thing from any of them. On the passage ways they do to the extent of grabbing your butt. When you try to warn them about it they invite other touts and then you become helpless

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