The Tinubu-Effect??: Anti-corruption case against Bukola Saraki adjourned indefinitely


Tinubu - Saraki

Reading through what led to what below, it seems as if one just stumbled on a preçis of a dramatic blockbuster….

To our awe, they, Bukola Saraki and Bola Tinubu, wined together, merrily as suggested in photos that struck the social media; and just days afterwards, the anti-corruption case against Bukola Saraki is adjourned indefinitely. The thing is, in as much as I am not the type given to whipping sentiments around theories, this is quite suggestive. And, for the ones always fighting dirty on social media, hauling expletives at each other over seeming political bouts, see, I’m so sure these said politicians look at you like a heap of hot, well pounded yam with a scent of sweat and with correct egusi soup by its side, thud a bolus of you within their fists and down you through their throats with a chilled bottled of Orijin…followed with a wide grin of satisfaction afterwards…

Yoruba’s will say, “aje ke lana, omo ku leni, tanio mo wipe aje to ke lana lo po’moje” (the witch crowed yesternight, and the baby died in the early momo; hence, it is an adoptable truth that it is the witch who chow the baby shokolokobangoshe-lly!)

Saraki - Tinubu

Well, here at Viva Naija, we have just one comment more, in the great Fela‘s voice, ..?? arran-gi ma-si-ta-si ooooooh, yhee-i-yeee, arran-gi ma-si-ta-si oooh…???

Has it happened:

■ The CCT says it has adjourned #CCTvsSaraki at the instance of the prosecution, led by Rotimi Jacobs (SAN)

■ According to Rotimi Jacobs, the principal witness, Michael Wetkas was billed to give testimony in Justice Ademola’s court #CCTvsSaraki

■ The corruption trial of the Senate President bukolasaraki was billed to resume today at the CCT #CCTvsSaraki

■ According to the Head, Press & Public Relations of the CCT, the request for adjournment was made late yesterday evening #CCTvsSaraki

■ Ibraheem Al – hassan who is the spokesperson for the CCT said the request came from the prosecutor, Rotimi Jacobs #CCTvsSaraki

■ Prosecution requested the CCT to oblige them an adjournment pending when they were done with another case in the high court #CCTvsSaraki

■ The prosecution was however advised to put their request in writing. #CCTvsSaraki

■ A date for resumption of #CCTvsSaraki isn’t known yet, but the CCT spokesman said the public would be duly notified when it is fixed

■ The spokesperson for the CCT said that at the time of filing this report, it hadn’t received the written request #CCTvsSaraki

■ Justice Danladi Umar had to accede to the request because the prosecution filed the case at the first instance #CCTvsSaraki

■ Particularly, given the high profile nature of the case. #CCTvsSaraki

■ The spokesperson stated that CCT Chairman, Justice Danladi Umar expressed displeasure at the timing of the request #CCTvsSaraki

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  1. This is a litmus test for APC. If it fails to prosecute Sen. Bukola Saraki after all the shakara, that means that the nation has no future in the hand of APC. Let us keep waiting as event unfolds.

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