Some thoughts on the “Bro code”



A few days ago I learnt that it is “unthinkable” for a guy to date a girl his friend used to date. Apparently it is also “bad manners” for a guy to go after a girl that his friend was unsuccessful in wooing.

Why? Because they are infringements on the Bro code

Bro code

Aburo code…

Mmmhmmmhmmm…na wa o

See ehn, I cant tell you people what to do o but I will sha speak for masef. Me I no dey subscribe to this kain yeye Bro code tenets o! If there is a girl that I have used 2-5 years of planning, scheming, strategizing, focus grouping, wooing, toasting and buttering and she still no gree (Maybe my hairline dey push her away as e dey reverse) and you my good friend fancy your chances with her, don’t be daft and look my face o. Go and get her! You don’t need my permission. Who peed and marked her my territory? Tah!

And furthermore, If I used to date a lady and we are now X and you happen to like saidlady and she likes you in return, do not be the synonym of mumu and start thinking something like:

“Ah but it’s not done na! She used to date my friend and thus she is off limits.”

See ehn, If you think this way and the lady ends up being taken by some six pack packing, swinging microphone individual and I find out that it was because of “aburo code” that you did not go after her and find love, na me go laugh you pass. I promise you, I will laugh you to scorn.

Love dey your front and because of “buro code” you are now slacking? Because I and some lady used to be together her prospects are now limited ba? Taaah! Commot for dere!

Bro code that if I asked you now, “who came up with it”? can you answer me? You are now letting such drive your life? Dey dere dey dull dyself.


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