Tiwa Savage speaks to Pulse NG in exclusive interview regarding her broken marriage with Tunji “Teebillz” Balogun

Sigh. A picture of the couple in the background.

After the recent uproar caused by her husband, Tunji “Teebillz” Balogun on Instagram in which he made vicious and scandalous allegations against her on Instagram and threatened suicide, Tiwa Savage finally responds in a recorded interview with Pulse NG stating that her marriage had been over for a couple of months and she had not spoken to him for at least a week prior to his very public breakdown.

Sigh. A picture of the couple in the background.

We will continue to update this page as we digest the interview and seek more information regarding this, but for now, safe to say it was not a hack job as we always knew, but there is in fact trouble in paradise.


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  • The story plenty no be small… Good to hear two side before final judgment. Person wey won live big must pay de price ke… All the depression and suicide moves na because of igbese sef… Shioor

  • After the reggae, now the blues is on shey? So the boo accuser has a boo too. All that talk about depression and suicide get part two na? With all this igbese and karini lifestyle wey some people must live, I don’t blame depression and it’s followers if they decide to visit that person. My own dey my body jare… Abeg wey my chicken leg?make I return back to my food ojare

  • Why are they both outchea with diharrea of the mouth. Yes they have problems, many folks do. Yes they could probably use therapy individually and jointly but this public airing of underwear gist is only making it worse…

    • My sister hiaaa, she said everything but I guess she just wants pple to know she is not d architect of his wahala like he claimed. My summarization money us d root of all evil..u either jagun or s’ogun choice na ours. I slept off woke up to continue slept off again so I give up

  • Listen guyz,am not in support of her granting d interview,however,pls lets quit chastising her for it,am sure she felt d need to say something,we dont know what shes going thru either,she has her own pain that shes nurtured over time,i probably would do d same if god forbid i was in d same situation,its called yam pepper scatter scatter 😂😂😂😂,she just doesnt give 2 fucks anymore and sincerely i dont blame her…lets just keep them in our prayers and most especially d husband and pray nothing happens to him…

  • Yes o Sade. Every couple goes through some sort of rough patch in d marriages. If they can’t resolve issues, they should have gotten both sides of their families to try to work it out rather than public display of nastiness.

  • The way shez so quick to grant dis interview tho…nawa ….all i knw is never say bad things about your spouse …washing their dirty linen in public…so wateva happnd to walking away without causing an uproar??? Dat childs gonna wake up 1 day to dat silly instagram rant and youtube video…

  • What a shame. If everything she said is true, then I don’t blame her for granting the interview and for exposing so much.
    I see a woman who was in love, did everything she could to save her marriage and career but was frustrated by the actions of a careless, carefree and brainless husband. Had she spoken first, the whole world would have been against her but she’s simply defended her decisions with facts….to silence her critics. Had the worse had happened (Suicide) it would have been his words against hers and her saying anything then would be swept off as water under the bridge….!!
    Thank God TJ is alive and probably well enough to refute these allegations….and has to speak if he really has anything to say.
    Sadly enough a lot of marriages suffer from some of these symptoms.

  • Always two sides to a coin. What if she is telling the truth; what if HE is telling the truth? What if they are both telling the truth, who then takes the blame? And they both are, most likely, with some untruth….like Tiwa Savage’s mother being a witch that has stolen his “irawo” and given her daughter to shine with (delusion), and her immediate and instant concern for his wellbeing when her friends came into the room (for someone you had written off and even told your pals, a loser and a junkie like you said he was….); these two sure pack a better punch than Davido and Ms. Momodu!

  • In the end, I guess only they will understand what has pushed them to this. Under these rather unusual circumstances, Tiwa was well within her rights to give the interview – personally I wouldn’t sit by either while someone attacks my character in the media. Clearly she has much more information that she could share BUT I HOPE SHE DOES NOT. She’s exposed him in defending herself (and possibly averted the threat to her own life re the N45m he borrowed) but any more and she risks drawing even more disapproval to herself than she is already witnessing. (The comments on here … 😓) I did think it seemed a bit staged if so good on her. I’d let it go now, Tiwa, and focus on you & your son.

    • It is highly possible to have a 45m debt,given the fact that he “Teebillz” might be under pressure on living large,or meeting up to d celeb status,nice cars and things,i can relate with Tiwa on that part,been there done that…the extent at which women go for their men just so we can cover their asses and make them happy is out of this world…so yes its very likely that the husband is a serial debtor,iv dealt with his like and bn in that position isnt fun…so good riddance to him on that part of their story

    • Abiola ‘l Fadahunsi sweetie trust me,it is possible,am not saying he got it but am just talking about d possibilities…some men are brainless sometimes and they cant manage their pocket needless to say d money loaned to them…iv seen someone that blew 100m FACT and cant account for a single dime so how much is 45m,come on…

    • It is possible for “someone” to rack up such debts, but I doubt this guy did, much as could be his frustrations with his wife not bailing him out, hence suicide. However, given a benefit of a doubt, which I very much look unto, let Tiwa give us these debt details

    • The person who blew N100m probably didn’t take a loan of it all to do that. There comes a stage loan sources freeze and stop giving. He wasn’t the known star. He wasn’t the one known for making the big money. Why would his creditors have let him N45m?

    • Meanwhile, Eve, I just noticed your “we” in a statement above on women covering their men. Now I understand better where your argument is shooting from. But do men also “cover” their women? Have you read some accounts on Mo’hit break up?

    • Abiola ‘l Fadahunsi of cuz some men cover for their women,my use of “we” is solely based on the subject matter and thats d best way i cud av put d statement together…am not trying to be a complete feminist or something,it can happen both ways…but often times,u see women covering more for men than d reverse

    • What are the similarities you can draw here between this interview by Pulse and that done by Dele Momodu on Diezani? Let me tell you a few:
      Seeming breakfast interviews; no make up; absolute laundry washing; attempt to buy public sympathy; stories like you would want to hear of innocence; and I can go on and on

  • All in all I see 2 very immature spoilt brats who definitely did not understand fully the concept of marriage either individually or together. What is most apparent is that TJ knew Tiwa would walk away he knew that right on the anniversary day ie 2 days before his ranting. There’s no way he’s gonna survive so he decided to blackmail her emotionally. I’m glad she’s not falling for that.

  • If truly tee Billz takes cocaine, den I blv most of tiwa accusations towards him, a cocaine user is so dangerous that they could do anytin on earth just to get the grab of a cocaine, they could kill, they could steal, hurt just to get high but am sure u will also AV ur shortcomings,allowing interviewer to ask u stupid questions as if her home is better is so wrong , u shouldn’t AV give her that chance of asking u stupid question, no marriage is bed of roses, all we need is his grace , don’t see ur marriage as unresolvable ,I pray God will work out something to bring ur home together again. This is what we get from fame ,female artiste in a hip hop world as the Lord wants it is wrong but I won’t judge u ….

  • In short, I hate it when guys depends on ladies for survival, only one knock out he Wats to commit suicide,pls, he should drink acid and die fast. Infidelity indeed na today him day break.. With all his bad issues his wife still held on for him all in the name of marriage and fear of media pls, yea I know tiwa has her own side but common must he go media with it, come to think of it why didn’t any of his baby mama stay with me, abeg dat guy needs deliverance he should just go so tiwa can find herself again

  • Since I wasn’t wt dem wen they were together so I wouldn’t judge, let them continue there would be element of truth in both stories, and both would still add Jara. Afterall Tiwa knew he was married before he snatched him, the guy also knew Tiwa slept wt those pple before he married her , that’s their wahala, my own is that side chick’s name, some men are very funny, how could you save your side chick name wt edible catering”, is dat the lady is edible on bed and plate. What am I even saying na today shior.

  • To be honest, I don’t think you can blame Tiwa for coming out to do the interview as quickly as she did: if T-Billz hadn’t put out all those allegations, she wouldn’t have to respond to anything. I don’t think any woman would keep quiet if their husband/boyfriend goes on social media to say they were sleeping around or that their mum is a witch. Any woman who would keep quiet should please raise their hand. Was the interview necessary? I believe it was. Should she have given out so much info? In my opinion maybe she should have left some things out. Funny enough, I think she was restraining herself from saying more. However, I don’t know how he can overcome this without evidence disproving the things she said. This should never have happened, I hope they can both move on with their lives and consider the children involved

  • What are the similarities you can draw here between this interview by Pulse and that done by Dele Momodu on Diezani? Let me tell you a few:
    Seeming breakfast interviews; no make up; absolute laundry washing; attempt to buy public sympathy; stories like you would want to hear of innocence; and I can go on and on.
    Na Dele Momodu get Pulse?

  • I say a prayer for you both. Get past this. You can do it if you say you can.
    For unmarried pple learn and have the fear of God.
    Married pple, read 1 Corinth.13:3…see if you are walking in love. Take dressing. It’s a serious matter.

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