Tomato scarcity: why? Where? What happened? How party jollof go be na?!

Tuta Absoluta

Tomato haff cost. Between tomato scarcity and petrol price, nobody even knows which angle to face again.

Tomato scarcity - rice and fanta

Charles Uzor Tomato scarcity

Tomato scarcity - no stew

Petrol is not even the problem. We know cats who were buying the black gold at N300/litre so…aluta continua, victoria acerta.

Our question is: where did all the tomatoes go??

Some people said Dangote bought it all because…maybe he is cooking one giant, epic stew, I don’t even know sef. They said he wants to make Tomapep of life. We haven’t seen the Dangote brand tomato puree or paste, and we can’t see no tomatoes.

Another school of thought is that there is a disease that has ravaged the tomato crops north of the country. According to a source, Tuta absoluta is a species of moths in family Gelechiidae known by the common names tomato leafminer and South American tomato moth. It is well known as a serious pest of tomato crops in Europe and South America.

Tuta Absoluta

So it’s moths that did us this wicked thing? After all the love we’ve shown to tomatoes in this life? Na wa o.


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  1. There is a Dangote tomato proccessing factory in Kano buying and using the tomotoes as raw material so why move them south when you can sell all to Dangote factory in the North . Also there is a epedemic illness afecting tomato in South Africa .

  2. no need to cook jollof rice again. it’s all about change and let’s look inward. banga soup and starch can help out in parties if you are not satisfied with the food use water to fill the empty space then give the celebrant your token. times are hard

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