“Touch not my anointed” – pastoral responsibility, not priestly impunity

wolf in sheeps clothing

On “Touch not my anointed” – 

I understand what ignorance does to people, which is why I am very patient with the blind – especially when they are trying to cross the express way of lower knowledge to higher knowledge.

Ridiculousness is when we defend pastors for the same offences which we would nail non pastors. Even Jeremiah rebuked pastors who weren’t doing what they were called to do.

“Touch not my anointed,” as used in psalm 105:15 wasn’t talking about pastors. It was talking about all the Israelites as they made their way to the promised land.

We can’t single out a group of people and confer pastoral immunity on them. We must learn to demand accountability and responsibility from our leaders. Leadership should be by example.

This is not me saying that pastors are not human. I am saying that when they are wrong, we should say it and not exculpate them from liability for no other reason than that they are pastors. If your pastor does something wrong and I say it, don’t come and be whining on my wall. Except of course you are hypnotised.

I am first the son of a ‘Assemblies of God’ church pastor. I pastored with them after university before I left. When Chidi Okoroafor and Paul Emeka were misbehaving, I didn’t keep quiet. I wrote about it. People from other churches spoke against their conduct. I did not go about ranting “Touch not my anointed!” What is bad is bad. There is no point sugar-coating it.

I have often rebuked my own father for doing things I did not feel were responsible. See, I do not care your title. If you are wrong, admit it or I will nail you. Failure to demand accountability from spiritual leaders is the reason why idolatry has become the order of the day. Pastors should know that they can’t lead irresponsible lives.

We are not even asking them to be perfect. We are saying they should be honest and own their errors. I am far from perfect but I am very honest about my weaknesses. It is something I work at conscientiously to see that I become blameless.

I don’t want to start giving details. A pastor is human. He should let the people know that he is human. When he makes mistakes he should admit it.

Reinhard Bonnke earned my respect during one of his crusades when he called out a certain case and nobody came out. As soon as he said it, he admitted that it was his mind that told him that. I mean! He did this on a crusade ground. It takes honesty and courage to admit that.

Yet, another prophet somewhere around Ojo barracks once told a young man during church service, that God said the lady sitting next to him was to be his wife. Almost immediately, his members began to shout, “Daddy, na im sister ooooo!” Just imagine that.

This treasure is hidden in an earthen jar. Sometimes, while trying to translate the messages you get in your spirit you can make mistakes. Also, you may allow sentiments to confuse you, but be honest enough to admit that it is you, not God.

Meanwhile in the New Testament, every believer is anointed. In the Old Testament, only three classes of people had the anointing – kings, prophets and priests.

Samuel, a prophet, rebuked Saul who was a king. Both were anointed.
Nathan, a prophet, rebuked David, a king.
A prophet rebuked King Jeroboam. Elijah rebuked king Ahab.
In addition, God punished Miriam and Aaron not because they rebuked Moses, but because they were gossiping about him when he didn’t commit any offence.

In the New Testament/Covenant, the offices of prophet, king and priest have been merged. We are all kings, priests and prophets in our own lives. Your word is final in your life. All the promises and kingdom rights are available to even a new convert.

Your pastor doesn’t have a higher anointing than you. It is because of ignorance and some times laziness that your growth has been stunted. Stephen was not an apostle, he was a food sharer(deacon), but he went and did powerful things. Phillip went to Samaria and did wonders. This is proof enough that the anointing is for all but you have to use it.

It is like giving ten people ATM cards worth 10 billion dollars each. Though they possess the same amount but only the forward-thinking ones would eventually do something worthwhile with what they have.

The reason you are where you are is because you have chosen to be a slave. You would rather eat the crumbs that your pastor feeds you than study and show yourself approved. God has no respect for His children who have refused to grow.

Being in the office of a pastor, teacher, evangelist, prophet and apostle is not for lording it over others, it is for service. The leader is the servant of all.

Unfortunately most of your pastors are your demi-gods. You worship them. You should go and weep for yourselves. Jesus didn’t die on the cross for you to become slaves.

Another man you might want to learn from is Kenneth Hagin. You really must search for his books and read. It will help you a great deal. If your pastor does something wrong, I will nail him. You can go ahead and cry me a river, I will use it to generate electricity.

©Victor Ibeh 2016

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  1. I hope our people will hear…Laziness and greed has blinded our eyes to the truth…no wonder you see Christians gossiping about nation leaders effortlessly…when they don’t know the word nko….

  2. If u want Heaven nd u want ur prayer to be answered sharp sharp!………U av to energize Offering,tithe or donations.Dat is no longer voluntary,that is emotional Blackmail nd its demonic.

    • Close to the truth. But the whole truth is that tithing and offering were never intended or instituted to be voluntary. They are demand on believers, just like you tax. Check Tithe: Malachi 3:10, Hebrew 7:8 ( we pay here to mortalan but Christ receives it in heaven as immortal). Note the word ‘pay’ not give. We pay tax and not give tax.
      On offerring, Exodus 25:1&2, God ask or command for offering. Sounds like old law? Check out first Corinthians 16:1&2. Paul ‘ordered’ for offering under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
      You see, understanding the bible will keep us from joining criticism unnecessarily.
      I understand there are contributions on church that should be voluntary bit not tithe and offering.

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