Trump’s Twitter Fingers: the new president is just as vocal as Obama, but his words wound not heal


Trump’s Twitter Fingers are legendary in these parts and his inaugural speech was no less divisive. Talk is cheap, yes, beht one of the greatest hazards the 2017 inauguration pointed at is the glaring difference between this and the “manner of approach” Obama exhibited throughout his tenure. My people will say “omo yen mo agbekale oro”. This means Obama has a sweet approach when vocalising his thoughts; even when they are meant to hurt the listeners. Indeed, one of my favourite scriptures says “even the fool is counted as wise when he is silent”.

Months before the entry of the new president, I am quite sure a crowd of Americans had entertained the notion of muzzling their new captain. Is it from the tweets?? Everybody is wondering if the twitter handle had a life of its own! Wallahi, the kind of things that handle spews forth or his Facebook videos? Or the heated debates that follow in the comments? The world is witnessing another very vocal U.S. President minus the “Obama touch”.

Talk is cheap but a kind word can douse an inferno. We are concerned for the first nation of the world and especially for our Nigerian relatives who will see Trump’s words as undiplomatic and will carry his matter on top their head.

Some of our students will gag on their twitter handles out of fury; some haters (as he called all his opposition) will lose their heads. They will pitch camp with anybody and anything that can bring Trump down.

Please o, Nigerians in the US! It is book we sent you to go and read ooo! Please don’t enter the same trouser with those who go against the President. I have this funny theory that every tweet, every callous gesture, every seemingly un-calculated message posted by this man is a trap.

Some people delight in throwing bait so that they can know who is who; which enemies to squash and which ones to ignore. So I would not count the new president as a senselessly verbose human just yet. There must be a reason, something sinister behind his potent ability to dive into petty altercations and social media wars. I just hope that his verbal wars will not scatter beyond the borders of the U.S. probably onto Russian or Korean “Social Media” soil. We don’t want to offend people that don’t talk much.

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