Ugh. Watch Disgusting Camerawoman Kick A Refugee Carrying A Child!


Your political affiliations don’t trouble me. You don’t have to like or care about the refugee plight, and I certainly didn’t say you should take one home with you if you don’t want to.

But to stick out your foot and trip someone who is trying to RUN! Run for their lives, run for safety. And run whilst carrying a child in their arms? You are the very definition of evil.

A Hungarian camerawoman has been caught on video kicking refugees as they fled from border police. Is that the work they sent you??

She has already lost her job; even her right-wing news employers didn’t want anything to do with her! Now it has emerged that she will face criminal charges for her outrageous conduct.

Sometimes, I just love the West sha. Only sometimes o, ehen. I didn’t say you should now take what I said and come and pack slaves again o, you hear?

Meanwhile, to all my peoples: do a good deed today if you can. Perhaps we might be able to re-balance the Earth after her evil deeds.

Afori oshi.

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