Uncle Lai Mohammed – once an opposition lion, now a sleeping mouse


Oga Lai Mohammed. Good evening. May I say I am a huge admirer of the work you did as APC spokesman while in opposition.

It is not flattery to state you played a pivotal party in the party being where it is today. You were nimble, proactive, articulate, and able to highlight every flaw in the PDP govt. In fact, as soon as they launched a policy, you pointed out the gaps therein and the poor reasoning exhibited.

In short, you were the Opposition spokesperson every political party in opposition would fight to have. Your frustrated opponents named you ‘Liar Mohammed’, but the truth they could not admit, is you rarely ever lied about them. You simply had the ability to see through their spin and dismiss it with your characteristic caustic pithiness.

So Uncle Lai, what happened?

In your role as Minister of Information, you are not as visible as one would expect. Once in a while, we see flashes of the old brilliance like the trip you arranged to Sambisa forest. It was a masterstroke of publicity. It neutralised opposing voices while highlighting the massive work the Military were doing in trying to track the Chibok girls while fighting the insurgency.

So why is your Ministry not pumping forth information on the success of the Anchor Borrower scheme? You should be feeding us interviews with successful participants – showing us how the scheme has transformed lives and finances.

Programmes like NPower, the Home School Feeding Programme, the conditional 5K payments, the GEEP loans – please make these social programmes real by showing Nigerians the lives impacted.

Your ministry should be telling us what it means to the country that the recession has ended, while educating us on policies that can help ordinary Nigerians key into the recovery.

Operation Python Dance, the proscribing of Kanu and IPOB – that could have been handled in a ‘crisper’ fashion. Share details of the violence and extortion that IPOB were indulging in. Let the Nigerian people see the government was being proactive and preventing the growth of another Boko Haram.

Uncle Lai, your job is to highlight the work this govt is doing, and then translate that into what that means in the lives of ordinary Nigerians.

May I also suggest your Ministry
improves its internet and social media presence. I went to the Ministry’s website and while it is better than a few months back, it could be tons better. Is the Ministry on Twitter? I have not noticed you guys.

Oga Lai, please embrace again the nimble sharpness that characterised your work in opposition.

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