Are You Using the One Night Stand Approach?


This handsome guy saunters over to the girl at a party.  He asks for her phone number after trying to chat her up all evening. She eventually gives him the number by writing it on a napkin, silently praying that he does not lose the number and actually calls.

Scenario 1:  A week goes by and he didn’t call.  Shame he did not give the girl his number – well not that she would call him or would you?  She decided to let go of the thought of seeing him again only to run into him in her local supermarket a few days later.  What will be going through her head at this time?

If he offers an apology for not calling her as promised. Should she warmly accept it and go on a date with him or just assume he was not interested enough to make the call.

Scenario 2: As she arrives home, her phone chimes and the guy sends her a text message stating that he can’t wait to see her again. The next morning, another text message from him wakes her up to wish her a lovely day.  He then sends a third one during her lunch break to find out if she is free for a quick chat.

Be honest, which one of the two will make you feel good?  I bet it is scenario 2.

Your Customers Like To Be Courted Too.

Your customers or potential ones feel the same way as the girl in scenario 1 when you do not keep in touch with them.  When someone makes an enquiry or purchase a product or service from you, they are indirectly telling you that they are interested in you and what you offer.  The best way to maintain their trust is to service the relationship – keep in touch with them. Offer them advice, tips, information and special offers that will make them feel good and appreciate your business even more.  Give discounts for their loyalty and send them something of value from time to time to remind them you are thinking of them.

So How Can You Court Your Customers? 

Phone or Text – you can call your clients or potential ones once in a while to check on them – not to sell but just to say hi. If you show that you remember them, they will remember you and what you offer.

Email – is a great way to keep in touch with people who show interest in your products or services.  There are various ways you can email your customers.  To be able to email your clients though, you need to keep a database of their names and other details in a retrievable manner and not on scrapes of paper e.g. collate details on a spreadsheet about what they enquired about or purchased from you.

Regular Email – if it is a one off email to a specific client, you can use your regular email portal for this.

Email Marketing – a great platform used to connect with a specific target market on a regular basis.  It delivers individual emails to your contacts at the touch of a button.  I have been using email marketing for a number of years and I can testify that it works.  Why not try email marketing with Constant Contact, click here for more information, they offer a huge 60 days free trial.

Social Media – is another great platform to connect with people that are loyal to your brand. Inspire and motivate them with regular status updates on Facebook or Twitter.  Post photos, quotes, reminders, tips that they will enjoy on Pinterest. Send them a link to your YouTube videos which may offer solutions to a supposed problem.

Letter in the Post – I received a Starbucks coffee voucher from my email marketing provider recently and it really gladdened my heart. Such unexpected gifts can go along way in building relationships with your clients.

Thank you Vouchers, Discount Cards and Subscriber only offers – I recently started offering M&S vouchers to clients who refer other paying clients to me. It feels good to be able to give back for their faith in my services.

There are a few other options which I will not go into here. But why don’t you commit to try one or two of the above ones to start you off and invite your client for a second, third and more dates. Let me know how you get on.

Do you need help to engage and keep in touch with your customers, an accountability buddy or deal with a specific roadblock in your business? Check out my new and improved Building Blocks program – with more options to choose from too.

I wish you strength for your business journey.

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