Victor Ibeh’s Desk: Help! My man don’t show me no affection!

Good morning sir Victor. I am in a 3-month relationship with my guy but the thing is he does not show his feelings towards me. He’s not said that he loves me for once but he told me that I ought to know that he does. I like to be pampered, petted and begged cos it turns me on and I have told him about it but he says he doesn’t have time for that.
This morning I was giving him the silent treatment because of what he did last night, thinking he would pet me to make peace with me. Who sai?? He just left the house telling me to shut the door whenever I was leaving. Do you think he is into me at all?. Please sir, I’m sorry for disturbing you. I would be soooo happy to get a reply from you.
Do not feel guilty about your emotional needs and desires. Inasmuch as it is not sensible to be too needy, I think three months is still too early for both of you to stop craving each other.
That said, I also wouldn’t be so quick to say that he is not into you. You might want to pay attention to his temperament. Try to find out the things that excite and interest him. Not every man is a loud lover. Some men are quiet lovers. Before you condemn him, it is important that you watch him closely. See if it is the same treatment he gives to his friends, males and females alike. Also, what is his attitude towards his job?
These things are important before you can ascertain if your case is peculiar or it is his nature. After doing all that, and you are convinced that this treatment is peculiar to you, then you can choose to endure it or walk.
It is always best to be with people who can love you the way you want to be loved.
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Dear Victor, please help! I’ve been following you for quite sometimes now. I love what you’re doing, God bless you. Please I have an issue. I’ve been in this relationship for 1yr+  and he’s been good. He spends on me, though most times I’m the one asking for it. It is a distant relationship, it’s also founded on chastity. I’ve always trusted him, most times I get in argument with my male friends, they usually tell me that he is cheating on me, but I don’t believe it because I myself, I don’t cheat.
We were not on good terms last week…I don’t even remember the cause. It started with if I call we don’t talk, we argue at times, usual couple stuff. He started shouting at me on phone. That was the height of it. That morning, I took a trip down to his house without telling him…just to sort ourselves out.
On getting there I saw a lady in his house; a lady he told me about who was meant to be his ex. We exchanged greetings. I was with his key so I let myself into the house. The lady has washed and cooked for him. He wasn’t at home, the lady called him told him I was at the house. Hmmm…oga Victor, he never called me, instead he called the lady back. So I called and told him I’m in the house. He said okay and dropped the call.
The lady finished what she was doing, packed her things and told me she was actually going home that day so she left. He called me later and asked me to leave his house but I couldn’t travel back because it was so late. When he came back and saw me still at the house, he didn’t talk to me; he just dressed up to leave. I had to beg him to stay at home. After much pleading he stayed back and slept.
I tried engaging him in a discussion the next morning but he felt reluctant. He actually told me that he’s not remorseful about what I saw. I left the next day and he never called. He finally called on the third day asking to meet me at an eatery but I refused. At this point he has not called me to explain things to me. I was still calling him even after the incident. I’m confused sir…does this guy really value me as a person? Does he love me? I’m really seeing it to be that I’m forcing myself on him. ?

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