Victor Ibeh’s Desk: Help! He talks a good game but never comes to visit!

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Viva QuestionHi Victor, I need some advice please. There is this guy that I met online. We exchanged numbers and got talking, he said he loved me and has been really nice to me but I noticed that there is something in him that scares me. I told him and he said there is nothing wrong with him. We started talking fully from February; he promised to visit me, but each time he promised, he won’t come and he doesn’t like me talking about his coming.
There was a day I dreamt about him hiding himself from me, I woke up and prayed then I asked him again why he doesn’t want to come. He said he’s busy with something. Recently, he promised to come on the 28th of march and failed again; telling me he has court issues, that I should still wait for him. Right now I’m scared and confused, I no longer believe him and I don’t want to go with the wrong person.
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Viva Answer At the early stage of any relationship at least, the attraction and enthusiasm should be high. You cannot, at this point, start pushing a potential partner to stand by their word. If he is reluctant to see you, he might be hiding something from you or he has personal unresolved issues which he might consider embarrassing.
He may also be in another relationship. Sometimes people don’t give their best to a relationship, because they are still attached to other people. You need to slow down on your expectation and interest in this relationship. Give him time to come around. Don’t push it. If he is into you, he would definitely come through.
Do you agree with Victor? What would you have advised?
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Good morning sir Victor. I am in a 3-month relationship with my guy but the thing is he does not show his feelings towards me. He’s not said that he loves me for once but he told me that I ought to know that he does. I like to be pampered, petted and begged cos it turns me on and I have told him about it but he says he doesn’t have time for that.
This morning I was giving him the silent treatment because of what he did last night, thinking he would pet me to make peace with me. Who sai?? He just left the house telling me to shut the door whenever I was leaving. Do you think he is into me at all?. Please sir, I’m sorry for disturbing you. I would be soooo happy to get a reply from you.


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