Viva Asks: Could You Die For Love?

Ghanaian Woman Jumps

A Ghanaian woman has been trending hard on the social media scene…in the last 24 hours when it has emerged that she jumped to her death from her apartment top after she discovered that her husband was sleeping with her MOTHER and they were both now pregnant for him.

Ghanaian Woman Jumps

In the pictures that have been circulating the web, she is a very pretty woman, and she is seen holding a baby who seems just a few months old. There is also a video accompanying the reports, and while many have discredited it as the video of another suicide, there is certainly a lot of belief that this lady did indeed jump from her apartment building.

Comments on Facebook and other social media range from the empathetic:

Why is everyone being soo judgmental about this? Not everyone might be as strong as you are emotionally. Do you understand the level of betrayal? You should be praying for her soul rather than make stupid comments.

To the downright irritated:

The only person that has any stained hand was the girl herself. Why commit suicide over “prick”, stupid and senseless death. Her life was not hers to take, only God has a right to take. She died for nothing, the loverbirds will feel guilty and sober for a while, then move on with their life together or separated, any which way. She loved no one but herself, very selfish of her, if she truly love her child, suicide will be the last thing on her mind. Very foolish. I wish she didn’t die, but hurt with broken bones, like been cripple for the rest of her life, then she will see the stupidity in her action.

Kai. This life sha. Nothing but a pot of anyhow beans.

What are your thoughts? Sympathy? Silliness? Please let us know.

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