Viva Naija embraces equality for ALL; slams homophobia, prejudice and violence

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This will probably be the shortest post ever because my heart is heavy with how backward we are as a nation and the hatred we choose to fill our hearts with. I’ve no idea why we as a people care so much about homosexuality, but it seems to be one of our favourite things to revel in, talk about and condemn.

It would seem that a couple of days ago, a man was violently assaulted in Ondo State. Beaten, placed in his home and the house burnt. Because there were suspicions that he was gay.

I will not go into detail as to the barbarism of such actions, how inhuman and primitive. How it was probably carried out by people who can quote Holy scriptures from front to back and from inside out. How these murderers are still roaming free because the people who should enforce the law and arrest/imprison them are in support of such acts of mob rule.

I could talk about how such hatred for another human who isn’t bothering you is either a form of deflection from ones own wrongdoings (“Never mind what I’m doing! Let’s all look at the gay man going around minding his business and *probably* picking out perfectly fabulous curtains!”), or is an ill-concealed latent desire for contact with a member of the opposite sex. Or I could simply ask you: how e take consine you? Is it your gay??

And I will probably do this at some point in the future when there is more fire in my belly and less hurt in my soul. For today, I will simply say this:

Viva Naija has a ZERO tolerance for anything less than full equality to all men, women and children. Violence, threats, prejudice or random scriptural quotes supporting the maltreatment of one person, gender, class, religion, tribe, nationality, colour, sexual preference, creed or race will never happen on this blog.

We will respect all people. Love all people. Treat all people like equals.

Except the Karslashians. Because no, that’s why.

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  1. Big shout out to Temidayo Ahanmisi and Pamela Adie – I didn’t realise I could report all the hate-filled rhetoric I was seeing on FB since yesterday when the news broke about the poor, murdered man.

    Doing a search for the victim’s name and for the name of the evil monster who wrote the nonsense in the first place has yielded NO Facebook profiles and 99% of the hateful comments have disappeared – which means that when it comes to this case, the world will only see the Nigerians who stand against violence, hatred and evil, not the lunatics who think it is good to shed blood.

    The ones I saw, I reported too sha.

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