VP Yemi Osinbajo & His Singing Cronies – A thought


Maybe it’s because of the way I was groomed, or mostly because of the way I’ve learnt by honest self-grooming to become a “cause and effect” person. I don’t believe in Kumbaya for effect.

Let’s assume this latest trending video clip by VP Osinbajo and his geriatric ensemble; where they are seen singing a hymn, was them just having fun. Ooookaaaay, no problem.

But the moment I saw the text attached to that video on the VP’s wall, making it another attempt at “praying for the nation”, I just thought “Siiiigh, not again”.

I don’t have a problem with the singing at all, in fact, Ernest Shonekan’s baritone was baesome! But, we collectively in Nigeria, need to stop seeing religion as one of the means to an end. It’s one of the reasons we’ve remained retrogressive for an aeon, while the world keeps moving on.

Wouldn’t it have fared better if VP Osinbajo gathered these past leaders in a deliberate round-table talk? To kindly ask each one of them what mistakes they made whilst in power? Should he not perhaps ask Obasanjo for example to state why power generation is still doomed in the country despite spending some billion dollars on the project during his administration? And should he not do this with an intention of getting honest answers to learn from? Rather than making them sing Kumbaya with another lazy attempt at fronting our challenges as a nation as needing prayer. Surely such actions would have fared better?

Former president Obasanjo, the singing minstrel

Why do we desire to appear more religious along the lines of spiritualism, than to appear actionable along the lines of commonsense? Somehow, it seems we love to appear more ecclesiastical than common-sensical. It rankles a lot, to be honest. It really does.

The unassuming VP Osinbajo, some months ago was reported in the news to have headlined a gathering of 30,000 people, pastors maybe, to pray for Nigeria’s economy.

See, the moment we STOP wasting time and thought to appear ecclesiastic, or believe our issues as a country need more prayers and more solemn “look up to the hills” sessions, we’d achieve two things:

  1. Our country will start to enjoy fruits of well-thought out actionable deeds from the corridors of governance, and
  2. We’d stop being the butt of the joke, a laughing stock, to the world out there.

In this latest play by VP Osinbajo and his cast of Obasanjo, Gowon, Ekwueme, Shonekan, Diya and co, maybe the singing and praying and felicitation isn’t the bad thing per se. Maybe it’s just seeing the ensemble of past leaders who have undeniably wrought avoidable mistakes that the country still reels from, now singing to save it, is the problem with this attempt.

So now, they wanna sing to save their country…hmmn, are they Edith Piaf? Iranu.

Anyway, there’s a rising. SELAH.

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