Want guaranteed response? How to write a follow up letter if you are Nigerian! ?


So you’ve been for a job interview and now want to write a follow up letter. Let me quickly say this to save somebody from becoming a repeated offender of sending ‘rude’ official emails or letters which won’t be favourably considered.

Why do you think you are not getting feedback from the several follow up letter or emails you have sent regarding that your application? It’s because you are rude ni!

Nigerians, especially those in privileged positions at government offices or private companies, don’t understand the format of formal/official letter or email.
The only interpretation they have of it is that: YOU ARE RUDE!

How can you write:

“Dear sir,
I write in regards of the application submitted on the 4th of January 2017.

Kindly furnish me with any update on the process.

Best regards,
(your name)


Such a letter is going into the bin with a big long hiss behind it, or the email is removed with a loud bang on the delete button.
Mschew…furnish ko, furniture ni! Rubbish!!!

This is the format to write a formal or official letter to a decision-maker in Nigeria:

Dear Sir,

Goodafternoon sir o. How is the family and your health?

Please sir o, don’t be offended that I’m sending another email(or letter) to ask about the progress of the application I submitted on the 4th of January 2017. I don’t mean to be disturbing you sir because I know you are a very busy man. Please sir pardon me o. I’m your son (or daughter) o.

Please sir, I’ll be very grateful sir if you can just find any means to let me know how far sir. My telephone number is 08073546621. Even if it’s ordinary text sir, you can send to me for me to come and hear the feedback sir. I’m not even saying you should call me sir, I can call back if you flash me sir. Once I see your flash, I’ll know it’s you sir.

Don’t forget me sir. God will not forget you too.

Your humble servant,
(your name)


Brethren, can you see the big difference between the two formal letters? If you were the boss, which email or letter will you treat with mercy? Which follow up letter will make you feel like the boss that you are?

Oh ho, you sef pick the second abi? So when you know that, why are you sending rude messages up and down and you expect them to reply you?

Try the second format and come and thank me later.

For those student union officers who have been writing all sorts of rude letters to the governor directly or through your lawyers asking them to re-open their schools, you are only wasting your time o! Kindly learn how to write a proper Nigerian formal letter. Learn some respect. Learn some manners.

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