#WasteHisTime2016 trending on Twitter with Naija girls saying exactly what turned tables feel like!


We’ve all been there: there’s nothing worse than when a boy gets you all hooked and fiending, only to leave you in the cold with no explanation or worse still, make off with one of your girlfriends.

This Twitter hash tag though is something else entirely! Got us cracking up with how girls are going to get their own back this 2016. Of course, a lot of it is just saying what guys do all the time and would probably never work if women were to do them, but they’re hilarious nonetheless. The inventor of the internet is a wonderful person, wallahi!  😆 😆 😆

This is not a bitter Nigerian girls thing before you guys start hating; There are tweets from women all over the world and even superstar singer Fantasia had a few words to say. Ohhhh…the shade!

I see bruised men ouchea talmbout “You’re just wasting your own time.” Please lean back, nobody asked you. Let womenfolk have this moment. Funny you should feel a way about tweets, mere tweets that are takling about the actual THINGS YOU DO to women. But let’s move on, shall we?




Y’all!! tay-Tay got in on it!!


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