What a wawuu! Kogi State chief of staff Edward Onoja insists state owes A MERE 12 months' pay, not 15 as reported


Nigerians – we play too damn much and let our leaders get away with murder. Quite literally. This week, we have Kogi State to thank for more brazen on-air arrogance. The spokesman? Edward Onoja, Chief of Staff announcing that there is NO ONE in the state who can claim to be owed fifteen month’s salary. That the amount outstanding is no more than  A YEAR’S worth of pay, and he would like to be quoted ANYWHERE and at ANY TIME!


The gentleman speaking is himself no stranger to controversy; this is probably why he can’t see the gross inconsideration of his words.

They steal and pillage with impunity, and make no bones about it. Dick Turpin might have had the decency to wear a mask, but our leaders come on national TV to expose their folly. And they do it for no other reason than the fact that they know there are ZERO REPERCUSSIONS in our country. Nigeria. Unless of course, you’re a poor man stealing bread to feed your family, in which case, expect a tyre and some matches at a location near you. Sometimes, just sometimes, we’re disgusting.

When the COS of a governor seemingly ‘defends’ owing some workers up to 12 months salary, then this country is truly is a mess.

Many state governors across the nation owe their workers between 1 – 15 months salary arrears. Pensioners are owed even more.

This is despite these governors getting 2 Federal Government bailouts and the Paris loan refund to clear these arrears. Many seem to have frittered away the money instead.

When will the workers of the nation stand up for their rights? Where are the Labour Unions to call for a general strike?

When will we all say – enough is enough?

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