We can all be a TY Bello to someone: Babatunde Lawal and his fab shoes. Now THAT’S #CommonSense

Tunde Lawal Shoes -Feature

I’m really ticked off that Ben Murray-Bruce beat us to this as I’m not quite decided on what he and his #CommonSense and  initiatives are up to, but a story must be told, so…Viva Naija is here to tell it. It is the story of how every Nigerian can put their money where their mouth is, and help a fellow Nigerian in need and not have to wait for TY Bello to pass by.

We Nigerians are known for a lot of things, follow follow na one of dem. Olajumoke and her Agege ‘Bread to Prada‘ story is knacking us akpako in the right places and we are feverish (the heat is helping is contributing to this too) in our desire for our own overnight miracle turn around (who else foresees Jumoke’s face on a few evangelistic banners?) But hold on for a moment and  allow me to turn your attention to another story. Please read below:

I share with you the story of Babatunde Lawal. He was shot by robbers and is partially paralysed, he presently uses a wheel chair. The fascinating thing about Tunde is that he did not just sit down begging for alms, he makes palm slippers in Lagos. Please patronise Tunde, he is a rare gem!

“Patronize my #Handwork.. Patronize made in #Nigeria Location..
Address: No 1 Asaye Street Obawole Ifako ijaye, Local Government Area, Lagos state.
Tel No: 07035694304
The shoes cost ₦3,000 each.
Please help share. Thank you.”

Tunde Lawal Shoes Tunde Lawal Shoes -2 Tunde Lawal Shoes -3 Tunde Lawal Shoes -4

When you talk about someone who fate has dealt an excruciating turn, Tunde’s name would probably come up but notice how he chooses to make the best of his situation and by diligence move forward. From his wheel chair he has become a creator of value, rather than waiting for someone to come and miraculously “upgrade” him.

Dear readers, you have two legs, two arms and a whole body. Will you be like multitudes who are waiting for their own divine lotto to strike or will you busy yourself with whatever you can do? Please note that Olajumoke’s “overnight turn around” happened while she was busy doing what she could to move forward and was not just waiting in her house for Angeli Kamoru and Dopemu to come and visit her? Hardwork and Persistence no matter your present state will move you forward. It might be not be overnight but Progress is Progress.

And if you have been blessed with a good job and stable income, these slippers cost just N3,000 each. Buy slippers that you need to wear ANYWAY, and change someone’s fortune today.

We will get there, folks.

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