What Fela Durotoye Can Learn from Donald Duke and Kingsley Moghalu 2019 elections.

Fela Durotoye - 2019 elections

There’s a reason I support Fela Durotoye despite the odds being against him. Recently Emeka Nobis has shared snippets of his encounter with FD (Mr. Nigeria).

If nothing at all, he is a kind man. He will do right by us. He might not have the loud demeanour of most political aspirants in Nigeria. He might be new in political space but he has some qualities every Nigerian could benefit from especially in political office.

2019 in Analysis

Here is my analysis of candidates for 2019:

  • Donald Duke has the candour and class exuded by Fela Durotoye.
  • Donald Duke has the pedigree of political office; he is at par with Kingsley Moghalu.
  • Omoyele Sowore is an activist and he, like Ayodele Fayose, represents the politics Nigerians understand. Donald Duke can appeal to the same audience as they do. Afterall, he has done the Nigerian politics for years.
  • Atiku and Obasanjo will be on a stalemate this time. Floating a new party is a sign that the fight is getting tilted too much to one side and there’s a need to cause confusion.

I would think Fela Durotoye would, at this point, borrow from Donald Duke and row his political boat in a direction that exudes social consciousness.

If anyone has the slightest chance to stand up to these demonic change agents, they might be in the form of a Donald Duke bowing to baba’s influence.  Or else, 2019 is going back to this messed up change we have been saddled with for way too long. Four years too long.

Fela Durotoye might just be missing out one or two elements:

  1. The political experience, possibly. But does he lack leadership experience? I think not.
  2. Social validation: he appeals to a class of people whose involvement in politics is too elite to cause a stir.
  3. Activism: He is great as a revivalist, with some ministerial touch. He could do more by employing this style in addressing students, the unskilled workers, the lower class and grassroot voters.

My first encounter with Durotoye was Eden; a bookshop and event centre in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife which he founded. I was a leader in a student group and we always had our meetings at this place.

Eden is quite beautiful. I got so captivated by the simplicity of the place that I started to ask about the owner. I found out it was the “great” Fela Durotoye whom I had never met.

The space was quite small at that time so one would wonder why he still had it running despite all the major establishments he has all over the country including his wife’s House of Tara.

Eden is now a major lifestyle and Christian centre. It was never about the size, it was about continuity. Durotoye didn’t abandon that space because he had expanded. He has continued to channel his capacity into OAU community and the lives of many young leaders through Eden. This told me something about him; he has always had a heart for people. You could feel his person in the centre even back then. Even though I’ve not met him, he is definitely consistent with how he makes people feel.

He represents consistence, ideology and capacity. This is something Nigeria needs desperately. As much as he is not doing politics the way Nigerians are used to, he has definitely earned his mark as a leader and should be given a chance.

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