What is the price of your self worth?


Some things are eternally precious to me:

1. My dignity/self-esteem/self worth

2. My faith

3. My peace

4. My purpose

5. My personal relationships

6. My core values which include honesty, justice & integrity.

7. Human dignity

Threaten any of these and we either become warriors or strangers.

This morning I sent a message which in summary translates to “to hell with all of you and your cursed money.”

I didn’t do it because I’m rich or I have one source of income that’s paying all them bills, I did it because I felt it tampered with my self respect & make me feel less.

These are people who should be begging me and falling over themselves to make up for what happened. They should be thanking me for turning the other cheek instead of turning their world upside down. Instead, they’ve taken the haughty road, making me look like I cannot be without them.

The last thing I’d let is anyone dehumanize or disrespect me for anything -money, titles or material stuff- in this life, I’ve had enough of that shit to last many life times. Now I’m very quick to give the middle finger to anyone who tries to mess with it around me -regardless of who you are and what you have.

I have trained myself to walk away from absolutely anything and anyone that threatens my peace or sense of worth.

They say men value respect, women love. Uncle, Aunty, keep your love, give me my respect any day, anytime because that alone is a litmus test for true love.

Some of you allow just about anyone and anything prance upon your self worth. One day you will find out you have none left & no conscience to go with it.

True it is said thus, “When you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.”

What’s the price of your self worth?

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