When A Woman Earns More & The Nigerian Male Ego – Your Thoughts?


In the last couple of days, I seem to be having a whole lot of discussions on the Battle of the Sexes and I am worn all the way out. Not just on the non-stop chatter of it, but also on the spectrum of views out there.

Some women say the Feminist Movement is causing more harm than good, and we should all go back to being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Then I get men with brilliant minds like Victor Chigozie Ibeh who recognise the disparity between how the sexes are treated (I know how you people behave, you will go and press like on his Facebook page now – beggy friend!).

Some women say they will happily marry bus conductors even if they’re the Surgeon General. There are men who kukuma want to be taken care of by their wives. The whole everything is just anyhow to be quite honest.

So now, the latest installation in the Battle of the Sexes – should a lady downplay her financial status to get and keep a man? – they discussed this on episode 4 of the Ndani Real Talk with Cornelia O’Dwyer.

Host of The Gist – Toyosi Phillips

Host of The GistToyosi Phillips says she doesn’t mind being discreet on the first date, but by the 2nd or third date, Mr Man needs to know wha gwaan so that they can thrash it out if there are issues. She also genuinely doesn’t mind being the breadwinner.

Hmmm…in my experience, it’s not the woman who has problems. It’s usually the man.

Co-Host of Studio 53 – Ozzy Agu
Fitness expert and musician Uzi Kwendu

The two men who balanced the little group – Studio 53 co-host, Ozzy Agu and fitness expert and musician Uzikwendu seemed to have little problem with a highly successful woman. As long as she doesn’t rub it in.

I dunno when success turned to pomade, but it is well. Also, I’ve never heard anyone say the same about a man when he goes out to buy himself a little boy’s toy worth thousands of pounds, but what’s my own?

The presenter Cornelia O’Dwyer said she believes a woman should marry well and marry UP⇑. She clearly did not come here to play with you small small boys.

Then Toyosi says this: a ‘friend’ was going through a rough time financially, so she asked him to move in with her until he got on his feet. Well, uncle got comfortable, stopped job hunting, and just sat on her couch the whole time (okay, I added that jara, she no talk so o). Immediately, both men jumped down her throat with cries of “It’s your fault! You enabled him! You put him in a comfort zone!” – okay, seriously, what do you all want??

I am so confused at this point, I would love to hear what you guys think.

Thoughts on a postcard, please xx

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  1. If a woman “open her eyes” and allow “talubo” to enter, na she sabi o… How woman go dey date man wey no get income?!
    Men are supposed to work for fulfilment and also to earn an income catering for their family! And a woman should at least marry on her level if she cannot marry up, but not marry down…
    As for women rubbing it in, there are very very very few women who won’t. So abeg…

  2. Am an working is not primarily for Money. Money is all relative. I have seen Families with incomes of about $50,000.00 with more disposable income than families with over $200,000.00. What is important is for both of them to understand what they bring to the table and to always aspire to be the best they can be at what they do professionally. IF she makes more than the Man, I would not expect that to be the first salvo to be thrown when a Spat occurs, just like I would not expect the man to always say that “I make the Money” or “I am the head of this Family” when he feels the wife is challenging him. If we believe that Women who make more should not marry Men who make less, I suppose all those Billionaire Women or Head of Govts all over the world should just make sure that their Dildo has enough battery charge. chikena

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