Where did our senses go?


I am a Christian o and I love the Church and God’s servants. I believe in the ones worth believing in. I’m not unaware some are full time charlatans, yes I said it. However, because there are fakes don’t mean there are no originals, I have been greatly blessed and helped by some.

That said, to my point, some of us are crazy with the way we go on about these things

How can you drop your sick father in Church and be paying the Pastor? Are you mad??? I heard the story yesterday and the poor man is now late. Do you think Pastors are magicians? Don’t you know some are even full time charlatans?

I’m not talking about a case where doctors said they couldn’t do anything, I’m talking about one where the doctors became the last resort.

Where did our senses go in the name of religion?

Do you know even Pastors have doctors they see on speed dial?

Another very sad story, the woman diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy refused medical attention until it was too late. I was pissed and perplexed because you just used your ignorance to make a child motherless and a husband, wifeless.

Who told us sickness is sin? And doctors are devils?

One man said they thrashed the drugs his wife was given during her pregnancy in faith. That wasn’t faith, just pure foolishness. The poor woman almost had complications during delivery.

And there’s another thing, when someone is ill within our Christian cycle, we act like the person has committed the unpardonable sin and we are God passing out judgement.

That is why a woman who did vaginal delivery will have the guts to feel superior to the one who did CS. What is all this “my-faith-is-greater-than-yours syndrome”? Those who did IVF cannot ever admit it even at gunpoint.

I talked about this because it’s one reason we rather allow our sickness, and issues kill us than in Christendom than listen to the voice of reason.

It is because we have no empathy for others in their down moments, hence, we hide our own pain when the time comes…a pain that sometimes kills us.

Same reason even the worst domestic violence sufferers give the most glowing “testimonies” of their husbands in groups. Smh.

As Christians, our empathy is supposed to be 200%, our wisdom 200% and common sense 300%, unfortunately though, it seems the complete reverse is the case.

Pray about your illness but if symptoms persist after three days, go and see your doctor.

Continue your prayers while seeing the doctor, they treat, God heals, I agree but go to the hospital please

Featured image is courtesy the Naked Pastor (http://www.nakedpastor.com/2011/10/brain-check/)

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