Why express needless fuss over Amaechi’s Ministerial confirmation?



Nigerians love drama, and politicians give it to them.

This above, is one of the major reasons why we won’t move forward, or rather move, albeit a tad faster than the laziest snail.

The fuss that is being over Rotimi Amaechi’s nomination, screening, and eventual confirmation today, is totally needless, if we as a people are truly concerned about the germane things as we should. It is a pity, that we aren’t.

This cycle of drama, essentially themed around many finger-pointing by Naija’s political class about clichéd cooruption allegations, heightened today when PDP Senators staged a walkout during a plenary that saw Amaechi confirmed as a Minister. Their grouse? Amaechi has corruption chains drooling around his neck, and therefore doesn’t qualify to be a Minister of the Federal republic. This act mirrored what the APC also did, when a host of their Senators, some 6 months ago, walked out of the Senate’s ministerial confirmation of Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, a PDP man.

Pdp senators
PDP Senators walked out. ….

Is this distractionary drama, what we need now as a country? I say ‘NO’.

Nigerians should be so concerned about putting these guys in the corridors of power on their toes, using performance as the main object of discuss when their names pop up. Not “break the Internet” about how ‘god’ of Amaechi is winning over the deity of Wike.

We get carried away too easily! But, we should stop and have a rethink.

If fuss must be expended or expressed at all, it should be about the performance quotients of anyone President Buhari believes will help carry out his policies as Nigeria’s leader in the next four years.

Our focus should be on a charge that probably says – THEY MUST sha PERFORM, IF NOT, WE OUST THEM (WITH ‘PATRIOTIC’ FUSS IF NECESSARY!)

I maintain, that I see no reason why we should join these politicians in their political macabre dance over any ministerial confirmation brouhaha.

Or do you?


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