Who will win Big Brother Naija #BBNaija 2017?


Eight weeks later, eight housemates gone and eight housemates to go, the very drama-rich Big Brother Nigeria 2017 reality TV show, aptly called #BBNaija, has entered its home-stretch. The drama and surprises, highlighted by Kemen’s disqualification two weeks ago, have come in droves, and have let the viewers into the characters of the housemates, either staged or real.

All of these remaining 8 housemates have not hid their crave for the top prize, and with the weeks almost gone and the end getting closer, who do you think will win the 25 million + SUV prize amongst them, judging by their activities and/or proclivities so far?


The guitar girl, the one who prides herself as a talented singer. She doesn’t seem very loved in the house has she has been constantly nominated for eviction, probably due to her tragicomic prank-entry into the house that turned the joke on her. She surely entertains well though, warming her way into viewers’ heart with her guitar based renditions. Is Debie-rise singing her way to 25 million naira?


Alias, Piercings and Tattos! The one most of the housemates both hate to love a small love to hate, allegedly due to her unapologetically manipulative style to playing the game. She has been the albatross for two evicted housemates, Miyonse and Kemen, but, despite the animosity she “enjoys” in-house, it seems her fans outside the house are unfazed, as she is constantly saved by their votes. Will she go all the way?


The muscle-flexing actor boy from Calabar. The one who refused to stay in Kemen’s muscular shadow…LOL. He prides himself as the most level-headed one in the house, as he hasn’t been involved in any messy moment so far, asides sucking “bress” and laps. A good dancer and happy boy, his fan base outside the house can’t be well ascertained, as he has been saved only once via votes. Will he be the one?


The posh aboki boy who is a music producer is probably the smooth operator in the house. Without much ado, drama and showmanship, Bally has managed to stay in the house till date. He seems to be a cool, level-headed guy, albeit when alcohol is at bay..LOL. His gameplan is arguably unclear, but seems working. Will the aboki boy become 25 million richer?



The comedienne, actor and singer, her entry into the #BBNaija show surprised some, judging by her perceived online and TV popularity and many acting roles already. But, she herself doused the surprise by admitting on the opening day that 25 million isn’t small money. LOL. She is the alpha female in the house and has had a good run in the house and has shown the night of her fan base through the many votes she gets upon nomination. Many say she’s in the game to broaden her fan base for her craft, but, winning is definitely within reach for her too. Is Bisola the one?


The one that has ridden on the Warri-Jos horse, successfully so far. He is the one that seems to be loved the most by the viewers, warming his way to their hearts by his show of confidence. He talks up his chances a lot. He prides himself as a rapper, although many think he isn’t very talented a rapper, and as such, needs the 25 million naira the most, as his rap might not sell. LOL. Well, his #BBNaija fans love voting, and he seems coasting to the win. Is Efe taking the moolah home?

Thin Tall Tony?

TTT for short, his name gives him away. Truly, the likable professional dancer and actor is an entertainer of exciting hue. He is arguably the most lovable by his fellow housemates. He has proven to be the alpha male in the house, intimidating in style and game-plan, just as his height. But, his presence has being blighted by the fact that he hid his very married marital status from the housemates, claiming rather to be single. This fact seems to have worked against him in some viewers’ minds, strangely still, most of his fans have been females. Funny, isn’t it? Well, will TTT be the winner?


The Portharcourt baby girl. Among the females, this beautiful deadlock-wearing lady seems to be the one with the most likable personality. She is hailed for being “real”, almost at every turn. She has also been tagged as the happy girl, and is seldom the center of any drama in the house. Her game-plan is also subtle and not very obvious. Marvis is probably the only one playing the game by ‘not playing’ the game. It seems her fan base is also huge too. Is Marvis riding home in an SUV filled with 25 million bucks?


So, that’s it folks, the 8. Who is it gonna be?


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