Have You Wished President Muhammadu Buhari A Happy Birthday?


Today, President Muhammadu Buhari became a year older, very older – 74!

We thank the Lord.

But, funny enough, judging by the fact that this news didn’t really trend as we didn’t see well wishes flying out from every corner especially on the new media platforms, can we comfortably say that a huge chunk of the 200 million Nigerians weren’t aware their Oga at the top was celebrating?

Or they knew and didn’t just give a hoot?

Or that they are too ‘recession-ed’ to only mutter “who birthday epp”?

But frankly speaking oh, President Buhari needs all the well-wishes we can muster right now oh as a people. It doesn’t matter if other countries are tasking their leaders to work productively, we are Naija, and we should keep well-wishing, with a lil’ “e go beta” to go with it.

So, Sai Baba, Viva Naija wishes you a Happy Birthday sir….may your alleged, supposed, and/or glaring inactivity enter recession, Amen.

Then you, Obi, Ayo, Nuhu, Umukoro, and Tersoo, oya, wish our President, President Buhari, a happy birthday sharp sharp.

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  • I don’t just know, some people r here to reply comments in the name of #ilovemrpresident ….. But wouldn’t have fink the other way round indecent that they haven’t benefited anything from the country…. So, allow people to express their minds/feelings not really that they want him dead or something like that but let him fink other wise……. #speechless

  • If u re a supporter of former President GEJ-behave like him(Jonathan Goodluck sent Buhari Happy birthday wishes yesterday).And if u re a Christian going to Church today,d Bible never admonished u to pray for leaders’ death-practice what d Bible says.HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY PRESIDENT!WISHING U LONG LIFE&MORE WISDOM TO LEAD US OUT OF RECESSION.

  • Wat z d problem with all dis IGBO people, if u have nothing to say just keep shut and read d comments of mature people nt like u people. So becos of d situation on ground he should nt celebrate his birthday? Nonsense
    Long life and prosperity sir

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