“At Stamford Bridge, I am the boss. At home, My wife is the boss.”

– Jose Mourinho

So I was having this discussion online regarding this quote by Jose (well he’s a Manchester united coach now which makes it all the more pleasant to talk about him 😀 ). Alex Ferguson also said something similar in his autobiography.

“My mother, like all good mothers was the boss. She ran the family. Cathy made all the family decisions in our house too, which was fine by both of us.”

Anyway, one of ‘our people’ , the typical Nigerian man burst in to say, “Marry a good woman, not a boss but a helper. My wife is my helper. I am the head.”

Translation – “I had to pick up a maid and give her a ring so I won’t have to be paying salary and can have sex with her too simply because he who wields the penis calls the shots.”

I was like:

Oshey voltron, we have heard you.
Oshey voltron, we have heard you.

Fun fact: three years ago, 75% of all purchase decisions in the U.S. were made by women.

Mr man, why do you sell that Corolla to buy a Sienna? Madam!

For the most part, we eat what women cook, wear what they say is nice and all that shit. Even when we think we’re the ones deciding, it’s because they let us think we are.

But no, we like to form chairman upandan. Who are we kidding.

Here’s where the problem is. As men, we think too much. We’re scared control freaks. A man like Jose Mourinho says his wife is the boss and we’re up in a tizzy. That he says she’s the boss didn’t mean he had to make her so, it’s because she showed herself capable of running the home.

Sometimes we really need to ask- who’s she helping? Most times men are actually the ones helping. We can’t multitask as well as they do and they do way more than men. If they’re just helpers then they’ll be doing less but this isn’t the case.

Blame money for being the yardstick for determining how relevant people are these days. Even your younger brother can become ‘olori ebi’ if he has more money than all of you combined. It’s the same culture we’ve imported into every thing. Perish that thought. Madam can have more money too!

If we as men marry women with their heads screwed on straight, we just might go to sleep because we don’t have to worry about her being the boss. She already is☺.

Most times we make it look like a competition rather than a partnership. You are a team – someone scores, someone tackles and defends. And if you saw Rooney making a goal line clearance during the FA Cup final, you’ll understand that he who scores can defend too and vice versa.

Be the best man you can be everywhere: home, work, everywhere.
Let the woman be the best woman she can be everywhere. In fact, nor put mouth.
Let each other BE and do the best you both can in ‘epping’ each other on that path.

Oro yii o lé rara. This ish ain’t so hard fam. Just live.

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