Women need to learn to be comfortable in their own skin


Woman be comfortable in your own skin

I have a hobby: eating exotic foods. Even when I cook, it’s not regular food because regular bores me. For me, food is art, adventure, poetry. I love to seduce my taste buds.

Exotic food is usually expensive & found in high brow restaurants. I love exotic Chinese food, Italian foods and Japanese food. Of course I eat in regular foods in regular restaurants but I love good ambience, & hate noise and rowdiness. I won’t eat anywhere that looks dirty, dingy or tardy.

I’ve never felt the need to explain my choice to anyone. I will not prove my “woke-ness” by following you to a roadside bukka.

You think this makes me unreal, extravagant & un-wifeable, I genuinely don’t care. Who wants to marry anyone who thinks like a cave man anyway? But that I have to pretend to be anything less than myself so I can be viewed and accepted in a certain light, kindly miss with that bullshit.

I once told someone the kind of places I like to eat/hang out; calm, serene. He started taking me to the opposite, a rowdy one at that, I protested. He started the whole “I like bukka because it’s real, if a woman yen yen yen.” Uncle, I don’t share same affections, let me off.

Women need to learn to be comfortable in their own skin, in their likes, dislikes. I don’t like road side restaurants. I didn’t say it’s bad, I didn’t say you’re stupid for liking them. I simply don’t and I don’t need to explain why.

I don’t have to prove anything, or give an acceptable impression, or compromise my preferences/standards for your approval. Your opinions & validations are neither desired or required. Infact, it’s completely inconsequential & highly negligible.

Every woman should under this and only be found within her circle/like minds -so turkey brains won’t have the guts to slap you because of 4 eggs and then, dish out marital advice to single ladies. Kai!

Please, not every man counts cares so much for N200 eggs. Leave those who do for their God ordained wife materials.

We should stop using our narratives as yardsticks to judge others.

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