Words Of Encouragement For Those Exiting 2016 Feeling Like Failures

Words of Encouragement

Words of Encouragement

The year is coming to an end and perhaps you feel like a failure. Maybe most or even all the goals you set out to achieve in 2016 didn’t work out as planned. Whether due to external factors, a lack of diligence here and there or maybe even a combination of both, you might be looking back at the fast ending year with a lot of despair

But you know what? While it is true that you might not have done all you set out to achieve, I ask that you consider what you did achieve.

You had goals for the year and you went for them and while you didn’t hit a 100 percent (heck maybe you didn’t even hit a quarter) at least you took a number of steps forward and that is faaaaar better than the person who set out into this year with no vision at all.

Words of Encouragement
You might be feeling sad due to all you didnt do but I ask that you consider all that you DID do

What I’m asking you to do is to view your “failures” under a new perspective. You did not make all your targets but at least you set out and reached for them. You might have failed all through the year but consider all you have learnt and how much progress you can make with all that new knowledge. You didn’t see your desires work out this year but who is to say they won’t come to fruition next year or later?

I know I’m rambling but bear with me.

Progress isn’t measured in absolutes. All or nothing isn’t the way of life (and it isn’t good for your health either), I ask you now to consider all the goals you set out for the year, see how far you have gone with each of them and be thankful for every little progress and learning you have made and from there make plans for the new year and determine to do better.

This is a journey. Your journey. Its not a race and even though you might be waaay behind where you desire, at least you have set out,

So from me to you, I say well done. Bless you and keep going

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