The world goes #IamWithSadiqKhan and extends support for Britain in wake of Trump’s bile and bunkum


#IamWithSadiqKhan is trending because another day, another Trump mouth-fart. It comes to something when there is a hashtag to support the mayor of one of the world’s capital cities because Donald Trump, as usual, has been a complete jackass. Seriously, America, what have you unleashed on the world? Who is this person? Why would you put this tactless, fact-less boor in charge of a first world nation? Why is your leader so totally gormless as to insult the Mayor of London?

On Monday afternoon, as London prepared to hold a vigil in memory of those killed in the weekend’s terror attack at London Bridge, the US president took to Twitter. Not to express solidarity with the city or offer condolences, but instead to continue a feud with its mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Trump has no problem with our mayor other than his faith. This is because the illness that was worrying him during the Obama years still persist. This is because America voted for a blundering bigot as their leader.

It is almost enough to make one give up on America, but thankfully, some right thinking American tweeters came to our rescue.

Donald Trump is a prime example of everything that is wrong with the world, and right now, he is topping a list that includes ISIS and Marmite.

As a United Kingdom resident who is immensely proud of the London mayor and our great capital city’s response to the cowardly event on the 3rd June, this has come too close to home and I am disappointed and angered by the US president. Here’s hoping Theresa May reconsiders the UK’s part in this “unbreakable” bond. Because Trump tried it.

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