On World Plantain Day, here are 4 reasons why dodo is bae!


World Plantain Day

1)  Dodo is not difficult to prepare

Need a delicious meal that doesn’t need you to have several degrees from the best cooking schools in the world and an endorsement from Gordon Ramsey? Dodo is calling you! With a little practice and focus you will be dishing out this delicious meal in no time!

Dodo is easy!

2) Dodo will not break your pocket!

Need to surprise Bae with a nice romantic delicious meal? Brother no be everyday Chinese restaurant! Call madam to your premises after you have whipped up some Dodo with a little medemede on the side and watch her soul bless you!

Make this for bae and see if she will not love you wella

3) Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Dodo is the answer!

No matter the time of day, Dodo is a meal that can be eaten and delighted in! Full of nutrients and all dat scientific stuff, Dodo will brighten whatever time of day you are in

Bae all day and everyday!

And last but not least:

4) Dodo is plain delicious!

The sensation of that fried ripe plantain on the taste buds is irresistible. Eat it plain or combine it with rice and or beans and send yourself to culinary nirvana!

Dodo adding value to beans since 19kpiridim!

Well my people I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that Dodo is bae! Find me a man/woman that does not like Dodo and I’ll show you a man/woman who hasn’t started living yet!

Happy World Plantain Day everyone! Go get some dodo!


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