Yoruba Nollywood star Bolaji Amusan “Mr Latin” returns to school

Bolaji Amusan - Mr Latin Feature Image

Listen, this news is making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Bolaji Amusan, popularly known as Mr Latin or Baba Latin has returned to school twenty years after leaving secondary school.

Apparently, his parents were to poor to further his education, but now that he has the money to do so and more besides, the Abeokuta-based thespian is now studying Business and Conflict Resolution at the National Open University of Nigeria.

Reports claim that his wife and children are based in Dublin, Ireland, so he can’t be short of a quid or two. This shows that he values education more than his current status – and well he should.

I graduated from Ife with a degree in Psychology and here I am, spending my days regaling y’all with my intelligence and acerbic wit. Ahem. Shut up at the back and let me make my point though: I may have never practised a day in my life, but I can read through complex text and grab it reasonably quickly. I’m pretty adept at pulling out the salient factoids from any document. I also know when I am in over my head and require the help of an expert. There is no inferiority complex and I can sit with kings based on my knowledge rather than the size of my account. And I believe attending a tertiary institution made all of this possible.

In a country where we revere bling over brains and exchange wisdom and knowledge for “taati billion for d akkant”, Mr Latin’s move is life-affirming and gives me reason to hope. Don’t get me wrong, we still have our fair share of Rochas and Diezanis, but by Jove, Mr Amusan just made me smile.

Thank you, sir.

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